The wave of suicides in the Reich at the end of WWII

In the USSR, Britain chose an ally of savages led by Bolshevik megalomaniacs. The Red Army committed countless war crimes against Germany and the German people, yet not a single one of the perpetrators have been brought to justice to this day.

"Neues Europa"

Excerpts from the book “Suicide in Nazi Germany” by Christian Goeschel

On 30 April 1945, when the military situation had become totally hopeless and Soviet troops were progressing towards the Reich Chancellery, Hitler killed himself together with Eva Braun, whom he had married a few hours earlier in his bunker. Other top National-Socialists were hardly surprised when they heard about Hitler’s suicide. Göring declared during an interrogation in October 1945: ‘We always knew that the Führer would kill himself if things were coming to an end. We always knew that. There is not the least doubt about it.’ Many National-Socialists committed suicide in 1945. Along with Hitler, top National-Socialists like Joseph Goebbels and Heinrich Himmler all committed suicide. Bernhard Rust, Reich Minister of Education, killed himself on 8 May 1945. Himmler committed suicide in Allied captivity (that’s not true – he was killed by the British Secret Service

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Trump: The White Revolution


The 2016 US Election, along with various other political events around the world this year, confirmed to us two things. Firstly, the mainstream media is dead. If everybody took their news at face value from the BBC’s and the CNN’s of this world, there is no way Donald Trump could have won the election. The print media, especially in the US, is equally dead, as their slander and untruths against populist politics has been exposed, along with their “fraudulent journalists”.

Secondly and, more importantly, we have seen Continue reading “Trump: The White Revolution”

Totalitarian Liberalism


2016 has been a great year politically, especially for those of us on the winning side of the major decisions that have been taken in the Western World. It has been the year where finally, right-wing populism (when defined simply as the popular will) has triumphed against the established order and millions of people have finally had their voices heard. In Great Britain, we’ve seen the people vote decisively to leave the European Union which was a vote against mass migration, against the assault on our Continue reading “Totalitarian Liberalism”

High Court Ruling: Counter-Insurgency


In an interview last week (published in that toxic new ‘newspaper’, “the New European”), Tony Blair claimed that the ‘48%’ were ‘now the insurgents’. Since the referendum that pathetic slogan “we are the 48” has become the tagline for those weak, victim-complex ridden individuals who simply cannot accept that Great Britain is leaving the European Union. It is developing the same notoriety Continue reading “High Court Ruling: Counter-Insurgency”

A Tangible Negative of Migration


When we talk about immigration to European nations, the loudest voices will always come from those who are in favour, those who claim that immigration is a positive, that it is ‘enriching’ or that ‘diversity is our strength’, amongst other sickening clichés. They claim to be able to prove this by economic means, producing these long reports that supposedly show that immigrants are a ‘net economic benefit’ to our societies. These reports do indeed show this on the surface, but they are based on false data. The data that goes in at the beginning assumes that Continue reading “A Tangible Negative of Migration”

Foreign Workers? No Thanks!


Since the British people voted to leave the European Union, the debate has continued to rage. One talking point of particular interest to the British people is that of immigration and one thing is clear, that a vote to leave the European Union was a vote against the continued influx of Eastern European immigrants of the kind we have seen in recent years. We are constantly told Continue reading “Foreign Workers? No Thanks!”

Democracy: Do We Care?


All throughout the EU referendum campaign in Britain and, ever since the vote itself, one word has been thrown up constantly: Democracy. It was invoked ferociously by leave campaigners, who argued (rightly) that the EU is the antithesis of democracy and that our democratically elected parliament should be sovereign. Now that particular debate is over, the whinging liberals and globalists are now arguing that parliament should be able to approve or reject the government’s terms for leaving the EU as ‘that would be the democratic thing to do’.

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