EU Referendum: FACTS!

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So far, the debate on Great Britain’s membership of the European Union has been filled with hyperbole and pseudo-facts, and often outright lies (predominantly from the remain side). As with any major political debate, there are precious few actual facts as each side of the campaign will use the reports, studies and polls that support their own argument. In many cases, particularly on the remain side, reports and studies are being published with findings masquerading as facts, but there are so many variables especially with the economic case, that make any conclusions almost baseless.

For example, we have George Osborne and the treasury claiming that families will be £4,200 worse off by 2030 if we leave the EU, and the International Monetary Fund warning of recession and instability. These are things that even the best of economists cannot possibly predict. However, what is a certain fact is that George Osborne is on the board of the IMF. What is also fact is that the head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, is facing up to 10 years in a French prison for failing to report/prevent corruption. What is undeniable is that both aforementioned members are attendees of the international Bilderberg Group.

So let us look at some other facts then, things that we know to be true and cannot possibly be skewed or ‘interpreted’ differently.

The UK government sends £350 Million of British taxpayer’s money to Brussels every single week. Yes, we do get some of this back,  it is not a simple refund. In fact, bureaucrats in Brussels choose where our ‘refund’ is spent, irrespective of what the British voter wants. Much of the money that Brussels spends in the UK is ‘vote buying’ (political indoctrination), such as the funding of vanity projects at schools and universities, new university buildings with a shiny EU plaque on the front, textbooks for young children detailing how wonderful the EU is and so on. What is almost as bad is the fact that a lot of the £350 Million we send to Brussels funds grand bridges in Greece, or the salaries of the tens of thousands of EU employees.

Inside the EU, we have no border controls. Despite what David Cameron claims, we have no border controls as a member of the EU. Yes, we are not part of the Schengen Zone, but that doesn’t mean we have control. The Schengen Zone countries have NO borders between them, that is the key difference. The only thing that makes the UK stand out is that EU citizens have to show their passport when they arrive in the UK. We cannot record how many people come here, who they are or what they intend to do. We do not even know their criminal records. There are many horrifying examples of EU citizens who have criminal records for rape and murder coming to the UK and committing serious crime. We cannot stop them from entering and 9 times out of 10 we are not made aware of their records.

Inside the EU, the UK has very little influence. According to remain campaigners, the UK should stay part of the EU to maximise our influence in Europe, but we are seeing a situation develop whereby Angela Merkel has increasingly high levels of control over the whole institution, orchestrating mass migration and presiding over the impoverishment of the Greek people. In fact, David Cameron has tried to block EU legislation or decisions 72 times in the last 6 years, he has been defeated all 72 times. In the powerless EU Parliament, only 9.7% of MEPs represent the United Kingdom and our MEPs are on the losing side of votes more than those from any other nation. We only have 3.5% decision making power at Council of Europe level, and there is not a single EU Commissioner acting in the interests of the UK, even though they are the law-making branch of the EU.

The majority of British law comes from the EU. Both sides of the referendum debate accept that a number of British laws actually originate in Brussels, the question is simply that of how many. According to a German study, 85% of laws passed by national parliaments is influenced by the EU either by way of primary or secondary legislation. Many other studies put the figure at somewhere between 60 and 80%, whilst the House of Commons library arrives at a figure of 50%. Either way, we can agree on one thing for certain: The majority of our laws are made in Brussels!

The EU is undemocratic. Some say that the EU is democratic, as it has an elected parliament who vote on laws proposed by the Commission. However, this is omitting the key details of the situation. The EU Parliament (the only branch with elected officials) does not have the power to reject legislation, it can only delay legislation and propose amendments. The EU Commission acts as both the executive branch of the union and the legislative, as it proposes all legislation and ultimately approves and implements it. The EU Commission comprises of 28 bureaucrats, non of whom are directly elected by the people. The presidents of the Commission and the Parliament are not elected by popular vote from the people, and the presidency of the Council of Ministers is simply passed from one nation to the next in a rotating cycle. If we cannot remove those who make our laws, we do not live in a democracy.

All of the above is undeniable fact. They are pretty important things too, such as borders, taxpayers money and democracy, three things that go a long way to defining a nation state. Osborne, the IMF, the OECD, Cameron, the Bank of England, can all say what they like about this percentage of GDP or that amount of investment here or there, but they still cannot change the facts that we are being ripped off by an anti-democratic institution and that our country is flooded with immigrants at a level that is unsustainable.

There is only one way to change these facts, and that is by voting leave on 23rd June 2016. Only by leaving the EU can we take back control of our money, our borders and our democracy.

Vote Leave!



4 thoughts on “EU Referendum: FACTS!”

  1. You claimed to recite facts, and even claimed that ‘Remain’ had lied, and then…

    The claim that the EU costs us £350 million is a lie…

    I could go on…but you get my drift.


    1. In fact the amount last year was closer to £360m p/week. I did not specify whether that was net or gross. Net is a lot less, but we don’t have control over most of what we get back. The figure is not a lie, we do literally place that amount in the hands of the EU each week.


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