State-Sponsored Assassination?

Jo Cox

On 16th June, Jo Cox Labour MP for Batley and Spen, was tragically murdered. She was shot, stabbed, and kicked in a savage attack perpetrated by far-right thug 52 year old Thomas Mair. Jo Cox was a passionate supporter of righteous causes such as the Syrian civil war crisis and starving third-world children, and was a also a passionate supporter of the European Union. Her killer, Mr Mair, shouted ‘Britain First’ whilst attacking her, which is a popular far-right slogan in the UK. It has been discovered that Mair had links to ‘neo-Nazi’ groups, and could have perhaps been inspired by the rowdy behaviour on the River Thames the day before instigated by UKIP leader Nigel Farage. This all happens in the height of a referendum campaign, in which the pro-EU side that Cox was part of is losing ground in the polls, despite a relentless tidal wave of bullying towards the electorate. One EU Commissioner tweeted that this was ‘an attack on European values’.


No. No, no, no.

When you put together the entirety of what the media has been telling the people regarding the demise of one Labour MP Jo Cox, it becomes less and less believable until suddenly its Orwellian 1984.

Are we really supposed to believe that just seven days before the biggest vote of our lives on the European Union, this sequence of events could fit together so perfectly as to amount to a nuclear bomb against the ‘leave’ campaigns? Now there are conspiracy theories with varying degree of plausibility, such as the truth about Princess Diana’s death, or who really was behind 9/11, but you don’t need a tin foil hat or a flat earth society membership card to see that something smells very off indeed concerning the recent tragic events.

So what really happened?

All we know to be true beyond doubt at this point, is that Labour MP Jo Cox was murdered yesterday (16/06/16) afternoon by a 52 year old man named Thomas Mair. We know she was shot, and died later of her injuries in hospital. Finally, and most tragically, we know that she leaves behind two young children and a loving husband. All other details surrounding this murder are all speculative, as the media reports are contradictory and in some cases, blatant misrepresentations of reality.

What is clear, however, is that there are a few things that simply don’t stack up.

Firstly we had the hilariously corrupt case of Maria Eagle, who is a fellow Labour MP of Jo Cox. She had tweeted that the killer had shouted ‘Britain First’ during the attack, even though there were no confirmed witnesses to this. She later deleted this tweet. But, what’s worse is her appearance on Sky News, who said they had heard the killer had shouted ‘Britain First’ from Ms Eagle, who then went on live Sky News and said she got it from… Sky News! You literally could not make up their mendacity.

Then, we have the supposed eyewitness reports who fed this information about ‘Britain First’ chants to the papers and the television media. There was a restaurant owner who appeared to be of Arabic descent, reported by Sky News as Ben Abdullah, was quoted as saying he heard the attacker shout the slogan. Later, when questioned on live television with the world’s media surrounding him, he flatly denied ever hearing this, claiming he heard absolutely nothing. He later placed a sign in the window of his coffee shop to this effect.

Breitbart News later uncovered that another man reported to be an eyewitness to the incident, was none other than Mr Clarke Rothwell, a prominent BNP campaigner. The British National Party are great rivals with the party that goes by the name of Britain First, and the former would do anything to discredit the latter after their remarkable fall from grace.

Believe it or not, there are reports of testimony from Mr Mair’s friends and neighbours regarding his character. According to anybody that knew him, he had ‘no political views whatsoever’, had never mentioned nor taken an interest in the referendum, and didn’t have an opinion on Europe. Crucially, it was also confirmed that the killer suffers from severe mental health issues for which he takes medication and receives psychotherapy.

Even so, this afternoon (17/06/16) it has just emerged that the police are investigating ‘neo-Nazi links’ and links to ‘right-wing terrorism’ in relation to this attack, furthering the media narrative that this was a nasty, violent EU-hating thug, and of course now we should all vote remain in next week’s referendum.

I put it to you, dear reader, that this was not a convenient act of ‘right-wing terrorism’. No, this was an act of state-sponsored murder. The state is implicated in this, and scary as that might be, you’d better believe it!

Really? You think the state wouldn’t do such a terrible thing? Well Tony Blair committed crimes against humanity all from the comfort of public office, and look, he’s still walking around making money from the suffering of others! Our ‘leaders’ took us into two unnecessary world wars in order to sway public opinion and reshape the world economy. And now, David Cameron and his posse of traitors are threatening, bullying and corrupting the democratic process to keep us inside the EU at all costs.

This was potentially state-sponsored murder, aimed at keeping the UK in the EU, and discrediting British nationalism beyond repair once and for all.

Scary? Too right it is, but we’d better start believing it or else we shall sleepwalk right into a George Orwell novel.



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