Triumph Of The Anti-Will


If the debate on Britain’s membership of the European Union has done one thing, it is that the truth about how bad the latter really is as an institution is now well and truly in the public domain. The British have always been sceptical of such institutions, but for too long the peoples of the continent have been led towards a predetermined destination without ever being asked for their consent, or even their opinion. But now, the truth is really out.

Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the EU Commission, has said many infuriating things in his time in public life, but two quotes attributed to him are the most fitting descriptions of the EU that one could ever write:

“There can be no democratic choice against the European treaties” – Jean-Claude Juncker

“When things get tough, we have to lie” – Jean-Claude Juncker.

How right he was.

In 2005, when the EU Constitution was being drawn up, the French and Dutch governments held a referendum on the matter. In Both cases, the people voted ‘No’ by a sound majority, 55% and 62% respectively. The constitution was then renamed the ‘Lisbon Treaty’, and in 2008 the Irish people rejected the ratification of this treaty. They were forced to vote again and unsurprisingly, the state then got the result they wanted.

Going back further to 1992, the Danish people were asked to vote on the ratification of the Maastricht Treaty and of course, rejected it. A year later, the Danes were forced to vote again after some token opt-outs were secured by the government. They voted in favour. Needless to say, these opt-outs have now been rendered obsolete by further treaties that were ratified without popular consent.

And now, we have a referendum in Britain over our continuing membership of the European Union. We have seen the same old tricks. The state have attempted to bully us, through threats of a ‘punishment budget’ to cut pensions and raise taxes should we have the audacity to vote to leave, and underhand tactics such as allowing non-citizens to vote, and illegally extending the voter registration deadline. Worst of all, a young MP has been murdered and martyred for the state cause, ensuring they can emotionally blackmail the public to their will.

However, whilst the battle looks to be lost in this case, the war is still there to be won.

Opinions of the European Union are hardening right across the continent, and the dull apathy of passive consent is now beginning to turn into ever more hostile rejection of the idealist European Project. The PEW Research Centre has recently conducted a survey of opinion regarding the European Union, and the results are very promising for those fighting for the nationalist cause.

The studies found that whilst the UK is one of the most sceptical towards the European project, countries such as France and Germany who have often been regarded as the most pro-EU are now turning their backs on the faceless elite:

ANti EU Sentiment

The data here is not so easy to interpret as it appears on the surface. Most people’s initial thoughts when seeing this graph would assume that the problem with Europe is an economic one. The net beneficiaries of European funds in the east would obviously be more pro-EU, as they receive billions of Euros from it, whereas the net contributors such as the UK, France and Germany resent that their taxes support other nations.

But, there is another explanation that is perhaps more social and emotive as opposed to economic and logical.

One would naturally assume that nations in the east are more nationalistic than those in the west, judging by their domestic politics, but remember many of these nations permitted communist rule so have therefore been infected with anti-nationhood Marxism for much longer than the west. Countries such as the UK, Germany, France and Greece have on the other hand, ancient independent histories that they are rightly very proud of. That is not to say that the eastern nations are not proud, but of course when they are being bought off by bureaucrats, pride is swiftly forgotten.

Whatever the reason, we are seeing a strong wall of feeling against the European Union that is gradually being strengthened as more and more people learn the truth about this satanic power. The future will be very interesting, particularly if the European bureaucrats continue to take the nations of Europe down the path of integration and federalism without the popular consent of the people.

Vote Leave.




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