UK: Demographic Time Bomb

student protest

As the dust settles on the result of this week’s EU referendum, we are already beginning to see the usual bitterness from the losing side. There have been calls for a 2nd referendum because the 72% turnout was supposedly too low, along with calls to allow children as young as 14 to vote in referendums, and most drastically there have been those who suggest that older people’s votes ‘shouldn’t count’.

These transparent noises coming from the leftists were to be expected, but these rather daft protests have in fact brought to attention some really serious issues concerning the future political landscape of Britain.

The issue is all about age. It is true that the majority of over-50s voted to leave the European Union, whilst the majority of 18-25 year olds voted to remain. This is a problem, because the older generations will not be there to save us from idiocy forever, they will be gone whilst the Marxist-dominated youth will grow up in their large numbers to dominate the political discourse in the UK.

Another problem that it is very worthwhile to highlight here is that the numbers of ethnic ‘minorities’ amongst the youth in Britain are startlingly high, and as we know full well they tend to vote for leftist political groups who are anti-native and give them special rights and status.

This poses grave dangers for our future as a nation, a demographic time bomb, if you will.

The numbers on the first point regarding pro-EU sentiments amongst the youth are not as bad as they could be. The YouGov exit poll on the day of the referendum showed that whilst 73% of 18-25 year olds voted to remain in the European Union, only 36% of that age group actually bothered to turn out to vote, in some areas as few as 25% bothered. A good hypothesis here is that it is only the politically engaged youth – students mainly – who are particularly pro-EU, as they are the ones most likely to vote and participate in the online polls.

This could mean that 64% of 18-25 year olds did not have particularly strong feelings either way in this referendum, and perhaps that this age group do not have particularly strong political opinions in general. If this is true, then there is still a great opportunity to save the future, as 64% of that key youth vote is an untapped political resource and a blank slate open to persuasion to the nationalist political positions that are required to save our nation.

However, this still does not address the other side of the demographic time bomb: the multicultural problem.

We know, and have known for some time, that ethnic minorities living in the United Kingdom have much larger families than native white Britons. In fact, native Britons have a fertility rate that is unsustainable for the future of our people, a meagre 1.7 children per family. Conversely, fertility rates amongst ethnic minorities range from 2.5 to 4.6, with those immigrants from Somalia, Afghanistan and Libya being towards the higher end of that scale.

A report released by Policy Exchange recently showed that the median age of ethnic minorities in the United Kingdom in 2016 is 12, whereas the median age of white people is 40, showing that native people are being essentially replaced in their own nation. According to the 2011 census, white people are a minority amongst every age group until aged 20, and in Birmingham the majority of school-age children are non-native.

In England, only 79% of the population are natives, compared to 87% in 2001. This shows that the predicted replacement of the native population is accelerating rapidly, but this obviously has an impact on the electoral prospects of right-wing parties in the UK, as little Abdul is hardly going to vote for a British nationalist party when he grows up.

This also has an effect on the political persuasions of native young people, who have been tricked into believing in this multicultural dream propagated by the champagne socialist elites. Cultural Marxism or “Communism through the back door” is the responsible ideology for this shambles. A product of the Frankfurt School in the early 20th century, Cultural Marxism is a method used by the modern left to create the circumstances for international Marxism (globalism) to take hold. It does this by altering cultural norms and the natural order and essentially breeding Marxists as opposed to convincing normal people with good arguments. For example, schools and universities that refuse to teach British values, allow unisex bathrooms, persecute native white Britons and so on, are rearing Marxists like the student class we see today.

A key aspect of Cultural Marxism in British life is that of self-racial hatred, or anti-nativism. As anybody who has been through the education system will know, we are taught from a young age that it is great to be anything but British (English). We are taught that we must always put ethnic minorities above all else, and that the more ‘diverse’ (less white) a place is, the better. It are these attitudes that are brainwashing young people, particularly university students, which is very difficult to then reverse.

Where persuasion fails, indoctrination will succeed. That is the motto of the Marxists.

But, as stressed previously, there is a massive proportion of young people who have taken no interest in politics at all and therefore are open to persuasion to the right side of the argument, provided one can get past the wall of institutionalisation resulting from the corrupt education system.

It is of vital importance that we don’t do nothing, as we could find ourselves sleepwalking into a Marxist “New World Order”, thanks to the Orwellian tactics of a few militant millennials. We must act now to protect the future, it cannot be stressed enough how important this is. There is a reason the Conservative Party can only get elected on a leftist platform, and that Jeremy Corbyn is so popular amongst a section of the young. These things are by design, not accident, so there is much work to do.

Don’t sit on the side-lines, act now.




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