UK: The Top Job

Andrea Leadsom

We are in a very strange time for British politics. We have just voted to leave the European Union, we have a lame duck Prime Minister who recently announced his resignation, and we have an opposition party that simply doesn’t function.

The hot topic of course is who will be the next Prime Minister, and the process is already underway within the Conservative Party to effectively appoint a new man or woman for the top job. Many will probably agree that appointing a PM based on the vote of only 150,000 Tory members, or having a Tory government at all, is not ideal, but it is what we have so it is vital that we get the best possible outcome.

The best possible outcome for British nationalists is for Andrea Leadsom MP (currently Minister of State for Energy) to become leader and therefore, Prime Minister.

This may seem like a strange choice considering Mrs Leadsom is relatively unknown to the vast majority of the public, but her record is ultimately much better and more favourable for British people than the rest of the challengers for the Tory leadership.

Those who have declared for the race are Theresa May (Home Secretary), Michael Gove (Justice Secretary), Liam Fox (former Defence Secretary), Stephen Crabb (Work and Pensions Secretary) and Andrea Leadsom.

Now, Michael Gove and Liam Fox were very vocal in the ‘leave’ campaign for the referendum, so would be considered a good choice for nationalists and anti-EU campaigners, but the issue is they are both neoconservatives who ultimately are not on the side of the ordinary British people. They have both supported unnecessary foreign wars and are overly fond of the US neo-con notions of disposing of foreign leaders and being the kingmakers of the world.

Theresa May is an even worse candidate. Not only has she supported the same neo-con agenda of foreign wars and defending the wrong friends, she has openly said that there is a place in Britain for Sharia law/courts. As Home Secretary, May has banned speakers from entering the UK with their only crime being telling the truth about Islam. Furthermore, May is pro-EU and for all her talk cannot be trusted to follow the will of the people and take us out of Europe.

Stephen Crabb as Prime Minister would be a total disaster. He is a self-confessed ‘one nation’ conservative, and follows the same doctrine of conservatism as David Cameron and Angela Merkel, a centre-left soft pseudo-conservatism that is pro immigration and is facilitating the replacement of European people in their homelands. As if this could not be any worse, Crabb is pro-EU and campaigned for the UK to remain part of the political union, so he is not trustworthy to take us out of the EU.

So then we have Andrea Leadsom, an MP since 2010 and a Conservative councillor prior to that. Leadsom had a good career in the private sector before becoming an MP, holding senior positions at financial institutions such as Barclays Bank and Invesco Perpetual. In the investigations into the libel scandal, Leadsom was hailed for her willingness to get to the bottom of the scale of corruption and mismanagement in the big banks. During the referendum campaign, Leadsom was very vocal for the leave side and was the most effective during television interviews and debates, getting across the message that we can put the British people first post-brexit.

However, it is Leadsom’s personal blog that tell us rather more about her political positions, and indicate that she is not a neo-con sheep like the rest. Leadsom has made it clear she is against the needless foreign wars and has acknowledged that Islamic extremism is in fact a result of western neo-con policies. Leadsom has suggested that rather than ‘slavishly following American foreign policy’, Britain should have a national security council and deal more with our ‘old friends’ with honesty and constructive criticism. She is also neutral in the Israel-Palestine dispute, something that enrages conservatives but is to be welcomed in opposition to the obsession on one side or the other that seemingly dominates the minds of many, including the other candidates for Tory leader.

As Energy Secretary, Leadsom has raised concerns in her blog posts about the environment-destroying HS2 project, and also has a record of not subscribing to the religion that is man-made climate change promoted by Obama, the EU and their ilk. In parliament, Leadsom voted against accepting unaccompanied child refugees in Europe, as well as abstaining on same-sex marriage due to her traditionalist views on marriage.

Of course, we also have the EU referendum. Leadsom campaigned tirelessly for Britain’s exit from the European Union, and has campaigned for reform and structural change in Europe long before this. She will deliver on the will of the British people and take us out of Europe, something that the other candidates cannot be entirely trusted to do based on their ideological positions and track record. Her record shows inclinations towards policies that any nationalist would surely endorse.

As stated previously, a Tory government and an unelected Prime Minister is not an ideal situation, but in the spirit of making the best of things it is crucial that all nationalists support the campaign for Andrea Leadsom to become the next leader of our great nation. She will get the best deal for Britain on our exit from the EU and can be trusted to carry out the will of the people.



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