Norbert Hofer: Bundespräsident?


On 22nd April 2016, the Austrian Freedom Party’s (FPÖ) Norbert Hofer lost out in the presidential election by 30,000 votes. His challenger, Alexander van der Bellen, was presented as an independent with affiliation to the Green Party, but in reality he was a ‘stop Hofer’ challenger, supported by the globalist agenda against a man who genuinely has Austria’s interests at heart.

Today, we have learned that the Austrian supreme court has now annulled this result and instructed the second round of voting to be contested once more. This came as a result of the FPÖ lodging a legal challenge to the result, with a large booklet presented by them to the supreme court containing details of irregularities in 94 of 117 constituencies. The majority of irregularities centred around the postal votes, which when counted produced a 20% swing to the independent candidate. Now Norbert Hofer will have the chance to win the election fairly when the annulled second round is re-run.

This is an unprecedented turn of events in modern politics and it is the strongest evidence yet that the globalist establishment will use any means necessary to protect their established order. It is clear now that the rumours were true, and the European kingmakers really were prepared to rig an election in order to protect their interests. We do not know if it was the Austrian authorities, or an EU-sanctioned coup that caused this mess, but we now know that this was a fix.

The establishment are so concerned about Hofer becoming Austrian president because he and his party stand for everything that the globalists want to bring down. Homeland, sovereignty, nativism, law and order: all perfectly natural, moderate notions that fly in the face of globalism. If Hofer were to become president, the calculated scheming of the EU on issues of migration, security and sovereignty would bounce off Austria like water off a raincoat. Hofer and his FPÖ would simply not stand for their mendacity.

Looking forward to the re-run of this election, it is of course every far-right thinker’s dream that Hofer will prevail and become Europe’s first truly nationalistic head of state. However, there are many moderates that recoil at the thought of this, due to history and stigma attached with supporting this sort of politics, but they will surely come to realise there is nothing to fear and in fact, this new type of right-wing politics is just what European nations need for the challenges that they face.

The FPÖ have a somewhat tainted history.

The FPÖ was founded in 1956 and first led by Anton Reinthaller, a former Nazi and member of the Austrian Shutzstaffel (SS). Despite this unfortunate connection, the Freedom Party began as a party of national sovereignty and classical liberalism, opposed to both socialism and corporatism, and supportive of pan-Germanism as opposed to a singular Austrian identity. They first held power in 1983, entering into a coalition with the Social Democratic Party. Again, in 2000, the FPÖ entered into a coalition government, the result of which was sanctions from the European Union who as we all know, hate the people having a say.

A common misconception about the FPÖ is that they are an authoritarian party, who advocate centralisation and fascistic tendencies. This could not be more wrong. Whilst many FPÖ politicians have expressed sympathies with the old days of pan-Germanic nationalism, they have consistently stood on a platform of individual freedom and anti-statist ideas. Even today. as they are being vilified for being far-right, they are standing on the same platform.

Their cultural ideals are what cause the establishment such rabid fury, however. The FPÖ in recent years have strongly focused on the notion of heinmat, meaning ‘the homeland’ or more broadly, a sense of cultural/ethnic identity. The party did drop much of the German aspects of their cultural ideals in favour of a more Austria-centric identity, but they have recently reintroduced some of these things. Alongside this, they have been very critical of mass immigration since the 1990s and have recently adopted an anti-Islam policy to combat the growing threat of terrorism and the islamification of European nations.

What will put the icing on this very sweet nationalist cake is that Norbert Hofer will stand on a platform of offering Austrians a referendum on EU membership when the second round of voting is re-run. This is a sign that European politicians have been emboldened by Britain’s choice to leave the EU, and will now start offering the people their say on this flawed political project.

This time, the eyes of the world will be on Austria when they go back to the polls, and the people will not stand for anymore deception by the political classes. Norbert Hofer is in with a real chance of winning. Provided the establishment don’t steal it from him, Hofer and his FPÖ are about to give the European Order an almighty kick up the backside.



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