Third Positionism

gothic lion

The problem with political discourse today is there are too many people who are so blinded by the media and the political class that they are incapable of thinking outside the box. This is not a reflection on them necessarily, but rather a reflection on the cold efficiency of the establishment to keep the people down.

We are living in a world where debt slavery is the norm, we must deny our roots for fear of social stigma, and where a government can rule with less than 35% of the popular vote, yet we accept these things. We accept them because we have been convinced that this extremist centrism is moderate and represents stability, when in fact our moral is slowly being ground down until we have nothing left to fight for whilst our homelands inevitably crumble around us.

It is this extremist moderation that is represented by the establishment political class. It is always two parties with different ideas on paper, but whom are leading the people towards the same destination which we are told is inevitable. In the UK it is Labour and the Conservatives, in the USA there are the Democrats and Republicans, in France the Republicans and the Socialists, and so on. These parties present themselves as alternatives to one another, but they are only offering you a different journey, not a different destination.

The only difference between the two sides of the same political coin is not the destination, but the method of transport. Conservatives favour evolutionary change, liberals favour revolutionary change. However, they all inevitably wish to change to the same world view, the view of globalism and social decline. Think about it: Leftists/liberals want mass immigration to alter the demographic, conservatives want mass immigration to bolster economic growth. They both still advocate mass immigration.

Similarly, the both support the Marxist destruction of the family ideal, by way of promoting sexual degeneracy and legalising it, or through the destruction of the welfare state which supports fertility rates. Both leftists and conservatives support globalist organisations such as the European Union or the United Nations, either to unite a world without roots, or to plunder nations of their economic and intellectual resource. Whichever way you travel, you arrive at the same destination.

This is why we need a new way, or a third position. This third position is an alternative to both corporate capitalism and leftist Marxism, that seeks to avoid the seemingly inevitable destination altogether and set a nation back on its correct course. Too often the people become disillusioned with one side of the political establishment and simply switch to the other side of the coin who they believe offers an alternative solution, but this is never the case.

Instead, people must wake up and come to the realisation that true national freedom and virtue will only arrive from outside the poisonous, corrupt political establishment.

A third way offers an alternative, free from the debt slavery and resource plundering, and also moving away from the Marxist social doctrines of ‘progressive’ ideas. It is quite simple really if one takes the view that the traditions and values that served our societies so well for thousands of years remain in tact. Alongside this, a third position takes the stance that there are two main entities in society, the individual and the national community, and they both have a duty to one another.

Through this social nationalism, true freedom and virtue can be found without the need to destroy our heritage and cultural values. It is crucial that we are not forced to give up our identities just to increase GDP by a few points, to allow the banking clique to skim the cream from the top. Instead, profit surplus to the needs of the nation must be returned back to the individual. Natural rights such as medicine, shelter and sustenance must be ensured for the people above all else.

Social justice is crucial, with the responsibility of the community to the individual the key to ensuring nobody in society is left behind. This includes the doctrines of traditionalist feminism and full enfranchisement and rights for all members of the community. Animal rights also play a key role in the third way, as it is vital that animals are no longer abused for profit by the big pharmaceuticals and scientific communities worldwide.

The rights of the native ethnic/cultural groups of a nation are a priority. For too long we have been made to feel as second class citizens in our own land, which must end. The people cannot know freedom until they are allowed to feel pride in and celebrate their roots, something which is crucial for the mental wellbeing of the individual and the nation. Family life should be seen as sacred, not some out of date notion that can be dismantled by the state. It is proven that children fare much better in the world and become much more positive citizens if they have a stable family background. Generations to come must all know the virtue of a loving family home.

But, we are running out of time. The longer the establishment is left to their own devices, the further gone our civilisation will be and the more difficult it will prove to bring it back from the brink. The minds of entire nations are seemingly poisoned by the establishment rot, a situation which we can only work to rectify.

However, we are seeing many small battles being won. The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, a small sign that people are beginning to reject the globalist wet dream of the political classes. Similarly, there has been a rise of nationalist politics all across Europe that also indicates a change in the tide.

These are small victories in battles within a greater war, a fight for the heart and soul of our civilisations. Do not lose faith, dare to dream it is possible!



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