Multicultural Nightmare: Update

rapefugees germany

So, here we are in the lands of multiculturalism, where another day is another disaster. Our political ‘leaders’ continue to ignore the overwhelming will of the people who tell them, “No! We don’t want this anymore”, and continue their policy of changing the face of European homelands beyond recognition, funded by the merchant banks and shady globalists like George Soros.

So far this year, over half a million ‘refugees’ have entered Europe from the middle-east and North Africa. In fact, they are not even calling them refugees anymore, they are now ‘migrants’. Migrants, refugees, ‘guest workers’ or immigrants, it is the same lies and excuses that the establishments of European nations have been using for decades.

The problems in Europe as a direct result of this ‘enrichment’ are continuing at rapid pace.

The Gatestone Institute have recently released a report detailing how Sweden, the rape capital of Europe, is dealing with multiculturalism. The institute have used data from the Swedish police in compiling their report, which is very frightening reading indeed.

According to the Swedish police, 4 out of 5 sexual assaults in swimming pools and leisure centres are committed by unaccompanied refugee ‘children’. The same report shows how Sweden is number 1 on the European table of physical violence and sexual assault against women, with the vast majority of perpetrators ‘young refugee boys’ and ‘foreign men’. Furthermore, an estimated 38,000 women in Sweden have been subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM), and native Swedes are being thrown out of rented accommodation to make room for immigrants.

In Germany, the situation is becoming dauntingly similar. The German parliament has just introduced a new ‘no means no’ law, supposedly making it easier to prosecute immigrants who commit sexual crimes as well as deport them by widening the definition of rape. This law will probably do no good, as ‘political correctness often comes before the rule of law’ in Germany.

This was proved recently when an Eritrean migrant was found guilty of attempted rape against a 18 year old native German woman, yet received only a 7 month suspended prison sentence. He is allowed to remain in Germany indefinitely and will carry out only 30 hours of community service.

According to Rainer Wendt, the head of the German police union (Deutschen Polizeigewerkschaft, DPolG), “Every police officer knows he has to meet a particular political expectation. It is better to keep quiet [about migrant crime] to avoid problems.”

This comes after the horrific scenes on New Year’s Eve 2015, where in Cologne over 1,000 women reported being sexually assaulted, robbed or even raped by third world migrants. Similarly in Hamburg on the same night, 351 women reported similar issues with migrant men, according to Hamburg police.

Sadly, these sorts of incidents are becoming commonplace in Germany, with reports of ‘mobs of Afghan migrants’ assaulting teenage girls in shopping centres, and children as young as 7 being molested by ‘refugees’. One columnist for Der Spiegel writes that Germans worried about migrant crime are ‘just motivated by racism’, and mitting sexual crimes are ‘rebelling against German power structures’.

Of course, we known these sorts of incidents all too well in Great Britain, with Pakistani Muslim rape gangs believing they have a free pass to assault and rape native British girls. In Rotherham, over 1400 girls are believed to have been violated in this way by immigrant men. We’ve seen similar issues in Rochdale, Oxford, Birmingham and many other cities and towns. Unfortunately, unless we control this ludicrous European notion of ‘Free Movement’, the disgusting immigrant rapists that have been marauding through German cities will be free to come to Britain, and Rotherham will no doubt happen all over again.

Countries like Germany and Sweden with their borderline-insane immigration policies should learn the lessons from Britain: Multiculturalism has not and will never work. The Germans, with their censored press and their nanny-state political correctness, will begin to get tired of having to apologise for telling the truth about third world immigration. In Sweden, the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats are flying high in the polls and look set to shake up the Swedish political establishment. Let us hope it is not before it’s too late.

If these policies continue, however, the only thing the European establishment will ensure is large-scale civil unrest and anarchy.






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