Islam Hors D’Europe!

Bastille Day Memorial

On 14th July, Bastille Day, Islamic terror once again struck France. Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, a Tunisian Muslim living in France, stole a cargo truck and made his way down the busy Promenade des Anglais, swerving left to right at high speed, mowing down French people and tourists alike whilst firing off a pistol, before being shot dead by police at the scene. Police also found a grenade, ammunition, and M16s and replica Kalashnikov rifles.

84 people were killed during the attack, along with the perpetrator, with bodies strewn across the street in some of the most horrific pictures one could see. The media, of course, were in full damage limitation mode in the aftermath, travelling round Nice to find ‘innocent Muslims fallen victim of reactionary police brutality’ and attempting to tell us the ‘real victims are Muslims’, but by now we are beginning to see the truth.

The attacker was an Islamist and this was an Islamic terrorist attack – there is no two ways about it. The attacker had connections with Islamists in his local community and according to the Islamic State themselves he had carried out the attack ‘in response to their calls for improvised attacks of a similar nature’.

The motive is clear, but the real dilemma here for France and the rest of Europe is, what to do about it?

In the aftermath of the attack, French PM Manuel Valles stated that ‘France must learn to live with terrorist attacks’, which is a rather spineless response from a so-called leader and also indicates one of the reasons France keeps getting attacked: capitulation. In fact, France has been and is living with terrorism all the time – France has seen Islamic terror in one form or another every other month for the past 18 months. This is a country where 42% of young Muslims support suicide bombings, yet some are still surprised this happens?

The situation in Europe has gotten so bad that in the time between the attack in Nice and the writing of this article, there have been two more Islamic terror attacks in Europe. In Germany on 18th July, a 17 year old Afghan refugee shouting ‘Allah Akbar’ went on a rampage with an axe, boarding a train in Bavaria and hacking at a carriage of passengers – needless to say, the scene looked like an abattoir. Today (19th July), a woman and her daughters were stabbed by an Islamist of Moroccan descent for ‘being scantily dressed’.

The situation is becoming somewhat ridiculous and something has got to give. Europe cannot go on simply appeasing these terrorists and barbarians, holding our collective breath until the next attack – no, something must change. Yes, the police go around with a show of strength after these attacks, arresting Islamists, but nothing changes. The well-intentioned peoples of Europe change their social media photos to the relevant flag and light candles in the towns, but nothing changes. The politicians send a few more planes to the Middle-East to bomb Islamic State, but nothing changes. There is an elephant in the room that nobody, least of all the media and the politicians, will even acknowledge.

The truth is, these people are everywhere. Third world Muslims have established mini caliphates in pockets of cities across Europe and Islamism is spilling out of these cesspools at a frightening rate. The local communities of these radicals have shown time and time again that they have no loyalty to their host nations, as they persist in hiding these terrorists and even assisting them in their activities.

There are some who say that we must educate these people and show them a better way in life. Others say we must turn our lands into police states to protect civilians from the threat of terrorism. Some even say we must be nice to the immigrant, as it is social isolation that drives them to armed rampage.

The problem here is that any of these solutions can only mitigate the risks at best, and prove counterproductive at worst. Whatever options the politicians give on this matter, the end result is always the same and that is yet another terror attack somewhere down the line. The truth is, wherever there are Muslims, there’s terrorism. One more innocent European gunned/mowed down, blown up or beheaded, is one too many!

“The problem with Islamic fundamentalism is the fundamentals of Islam” – Unknown.

The only way to truly make Europe safe from the threat of Islamic terrorism is to remove Islam, thereby eliminating the threat once and for all. That means that there are millions of people who have got to go back – there are millions of Muslims born in European nations but of immigrant descent who have got to rediscover the lands of their ancestors, and remain there.

There comes a point where we have to say enough is enough and the solution, no matter how unpalatable in may seem to many, must be found. How many more terror attacks must happen before we get serious about this? How many more European men, women and children must be slaughtered before we take the necessary steps?

One fears, it may take many more bodies on the streets at the hands of Islamists before we get our heads out of the sand.



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