Class Warfare vs National Community

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Overarching the political spectrum are two doctrines that in a way supersede the detail of party politics, these are class warfare and the national community. Class warfare is a Marxist doctrine that seeks to divide the society of a nation into two groups, the exploited and the exploiters. National community on the other hand seeks to unite the society of a nation behind a common vision for said nation/society, regardless of class or wealth. Having said this, the philosophy of national community does have a sense of “us and them”, but this is along ethnic/cultural lines which is a natural instinct, as opposed to the size of one’s bank balance.

The doctrine of class warfare has dominated politics since the end of the second world war as Marxist ideology spread across the west, subverting all nations and societies in its path. The effects of this are particularly profound in Western Europe, where Marxist social and economic policy dominates the nations no matter which political party is in power. The conservatives of today now preach the same Marxism as the labour and social democratic parties have for the last century.

This is particularly problematic for our societies because the ideology of class warfare is a false pretence. It seeks only to find someone or a group of people to blame for all the problems of the working classes, creating an atmosphere of resentment and selfishness that is totally poisonous. These ideas masquerade as ‘progressivism’ or ‘social justice’, but in fact they are simply a distraction used by a small clique of bourgeoisie intelligentsia to divert the masses from the real problem, which is those who hold the power, as opposed to the middle classes who are financially persecuted as a result of the resentment sewn.

Class warfare does not provide a solution to the problems of the working classes. Yes, these problems are very real: working conditions are poor, pay is too low, taxes are too high and living conditions leave a lot to be desired. But, Marxist ideas of class warfare cannot solve these issues! Why would toppling the middle class improve the pay, living conditions, taxation levels and worker rights of the working classes? All this action would do is create a fleeting sense of satisfaction before coming to the depressing realisation that we still have all the problems we were attempting to solve.

This is why the philosophy of national community is a better choice for the people of European nations. A national community is one made up of the people of a nation working towards fixing their problems together. We do not need to “cull the middle-classes” in order to solve our problems, we need to work together as one to find solutions that meet the needs of the national community.

The national community philosophy is not a preservation of the status quo, but a true meritocracy based on what a man/woman is worth as opposed to what class or social standing they belong to, as well as compassion rather than contempt for those in need. It is, by definition, a socialist ideology, but it is soft socialism in economic terms only, as opposed to the subversive Marxist socialism which only seeks to destroy rather than create.

A national community does not stand for forces that are detrimental to the health of the society, therefore the real exploiters of the people will be stripped of their power. This means the banks and the multinationals that seek to use the people and position them against one another to keep wages low and therefore as a consequence keep conditions of living and employment poor. Their establishment government enablers also have to be stripped of their power to prevent their Marxist policies destroying everything around us.

There are more important things than money and a national community must recognise this and reject the materialism of Marxist socialism and cultural Marxism. The culture and traditions of a society are what truly makes it rich, along with the values it holds dear and the great lands it inhabits. A national community seeks to preserve these ideals, such as community values, family life and Western Christendom, whilst rejecting the moral relativism and social decay of the Marxist doctrines. The rabid materialism of class warfare and Marxist doctrine only encourages moral decay and the breakdown of family life as we know it.

Most importantly, a national community ensures that all members of the society are comrades, regardless of wealth or stature. A duty of care to those less fortunate than oneself is a central aspect of this ideology, ensuring that all of us remember that have a duty to those who have fallen on hard times, and that there is always somebody worse off than ourselves. This instilled sense of duty that comes natural to a society free from subversive ideas removes the need to pillage the middle-classes as the Marxists would have you do, but instead ensures that all of society can come together in equal dignity and self-esteem.

This is clearly the right way to go for Western European nations. We have tried class warfare, we have tried democratic socialism and we have tried centre-right pseudo-conservatism – the common denominator is that they have all failed us. It is time for a new order based on the nation and the national community that will benefit all members of the ethnic/cultural group without dividing them based on what they have or have not got. The old order has failed us and the new world order that the slippery internationalist elite are attempting to put in place will enslave us and continue to fail us.

Only a nationalistic approach can fix the problems that the great nations of Europe face today. Only nationalism can reverse the social and moral decline of our once-great civilisations. Only through a sense of national community can we return dignity and harmony to society, thereby eradicating the Marxist threat. Only the enlightenment provided by a national society can help us to lead ourselves towards virtue.




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