Christianity vs Moral Decay

english church

Cultural Marxist theory dictates that to create the conditions for class warfare and world communism, three pillars of culture must be dismantled: The family, the nation state and the church. The simple reason for this is that family, nationalism and religion transcend typical class lines, particularly in modern times, meaning that ordinary people have a greater loyalty to their family, compatriots and church congregation/God than to their fellow working class folk. Marxists can’t handle the truth that class warfare simply doesn’t fly with the general public, so they set about creating the conditions so that it will. They have been extremely successful at this. Clearly, when the ordinary person has nothing left – no family life, no religious community or no sense of belonging to their national community – they will then look for something/someone to blame, which of course will be those better off than themselves, this is human nature.

The attacks on the Christian faith in Europe has been particularly vicious and sustained over the past century, with the numbers of native people declaring themselves to be atheist at record highs. Of course, whether one chooses to follow a religion or not is a personal choice, but it is Christian values that have built our cultures into what they are/were and we should all live by them, even if we don’t have faith in a God. It is these values that the Marxist machine has attacked, replacing them with moral relativism and a universalism that is totally alien to what western Europe traditionally stands for.  Although, we should really have seen this coming. After all, the church has strong links to the notions of family and nationhood – a vow of marriage before God and the duty to your kith and kin is seen as a cancer to the Marxist.

Now, the strong and decent values of European Christianity have been replaced, particularly in the west of Europe. Marriage is now seen as an inconvenience with vows meaning nothing, the duty to your kith and kin has been replaced by a sense of guilt and a requirement to embrace alien cultures – even basic Christian values such as honesty and integrity seem to have disappeared. This decline in Christian values is no mere coincidence, nor is it the product of scientific enlightenment or some misguided notion of post-modernism. It is a coordinated attack. The values and traditions of Christianity have held a position of prominence for more than a millennia, they are in a sense timeless and do not simply die out – only a man-made force can drive out such history and culture.

Strangely enough, this is not a new phenomenon, subversive forces have fundamentally altered or watered down decent Christian values in the past. In much of medievil Europe, the practise of usury (charging (high) interest on loans) was rightly banned as it was considered sinful and un-Christian. Edward I of England passed a statue in 1275 banning usury, likening it to blasphemy and enacted harsh measures on those who used interest rates to exploit the average man or woman. Similar laws were adopted across the European continent, yet the merchant bankers somehow weaselled their way back in and today Europe is ruled by the worst kind of capitalists, the type who force debt slavery on nations. Was Europe’s acceptance of usury a coincidence? No – it was by design of those who wished to profit from it in the richest of lands. Perhaps this is the only time it is acceptable to say we could learn a thing or two from Islam – conservative Islam still to this day prohibits usury and similar practises.

There are parallels in this to today’s world. Divorce rates are rising, with almost 50% of marriages ending in divorce; Abortion is now seen as a natural right and an everyday process; The respect children once had for their parents is diminishing at ever increasing rates; Crime has become a way of life for many; Adultery is glorified as opposed to shunned. Just look around you and you will see the influences of Hollywood, brand advertising and even government attacking the values of European Christendom and subverting our cultures to promote moral decay. Perhaps it is a large conspiracy? Perhaps they are unknowing participants in a plot orchestrated by a small clique? Perhaps these forces find these methods suit their aims on an individual level?

However, this situation is not beyond saving. Behaviours can be learned an unlearned fairly easily and problems fixed within a generation – but restoring the prominence of European Christendom is not the difficult part. The truly difficult question is that of how to remove the subversive forces from our public life? Throughout history we have seen that an idea is difficult to destroy once it has a foothold in a community, so extracting ourselves from this sustained cultural attack will truly be a struggle. Whatever the answer, we must recognise that the salvation of western European Christianity and its values is crucial to saving European civilisation.



One thought on “Christianity vs Moral Decay”

  1. Lots of people, first of all those who call themselves Christian should come to read the Bible and live according to its teachings. The most difficult part for them shall be to come to get rid of their false teachings, like the Trinity , and pagan rites they keep doing. Secondly those who do not believe shall have to be convinced by the believers that we all best turn to the natural laws and ethics. Thirdly by their good example Christians should show the way and proof to others that it is the best way for our earthly luck and peace.


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