Cometh The Hour, Cometh The Woman!

Marine le Pen

Europe has problems, but no European state has problems like France. Their finances are in a dire condition, with ministers recently claiming France is “on the brink of bankruptcy”. Their Mosques and immigrant communities are a hotbed of extremism and anti-French activity – the nation has seen no less than 14 terrorist attacks in the last 18 months. The streets of Paris are lawless cesspits of violence and general disorder, perpetrated often by immigrants and the communists – the police are losing control. These social and economic conditions are

beneath a great nation such as France. The establishment and their puppet-master financiers are driving the French nation into the ground, which has the gravest of consequences for her people. One cannot imagine a world in which the French nation as we know it ceases to exist, but it is beyond doubt that if the current trends of cultural/moral decay are not reversed, this will be her fate.

The only viable opportunity for France to save herself as a nation is for Marine le Pen and her National Front (Front National, FN) to win the presidency next year and begin to set France on a different course. The FN’s brand of social traditionalism, law and order, and mixed-market economics would be akin to the proverbial magic sponge on the deep wounds of the French nation. This is sorely needed as events in France continue to prove almost every day now. Just last night, a video emerged of a gang of Muslim immigrants in Paris firebombing a French bus, chanting Islamist slogans commonly used by terrorists. The French police can barely keep up with the number of Mosques they have to shut down, and just last weak a Priest was decapitated by Muslim terrorists at a Church in Normandy.

The current economic issues in France are closely tied in with the issue of public disorder perpetrated by the reds on the streets of Paris. This is thanks to years of economic mismanagement by the Marxists in government and their willingness to be controlled by the international puppet masters – this must end. As is the FN’s policy, France must return to their previous currency, the Franc, to extricate themselves from the debt slavery of the European Central Bank. The protectionist policies of the FN must also come into play in order to protect vital industries that are being tossed to the wolves by the establishment – this will protect French workers against the globalist agenda and thereby discouraging the communists from their continued agitation, which has become a real problem on the streets of Paris.

This social disorder stems from the labour laws that the socialists introduced a few months ago that essentially bring French law closer to German law, as part of a cog in the wider EU-harmonisation machine. The laws drastically raise the working week to 46 hours, make it easier for employers to dismiss their employees without pay and restricts the power of the unions. Whilst restrictions on often disruptive unions are welcome, it is clear that these laws put the French worker in a much disadvantaged position that allows the crony capitalist big-business to hold yet more power. As a result of these laws, Paris has seen riots and disorder in some shape or form almost every day for the last 3 months, with many workers in the transport and fuel industries withdrawing their labour with crippling economic consequences. The communists even shut down newspaper printing, allowing only L’Humanité, their own communist newspaper to go out. Clearly, this state of affairs is unacceptable in France and Marine le Pen must make it one of her first acts as president to crush the communists and repeal these dreadful laws.

The election in France is not due to take place until April 2017, but current polling suggests Madame Le Pen will win the first round with relative ease. The problem then arises that the establishment hacks, republicans and socialists, will collude to block Le Pen and the National Front. Just as with the regional elections towards the end of 2015, the two old parties will no doubt throw in their lot with whoever has the best chance of beating Marine Le Pen, whether that be their own candidate or the opposition’s. However, despite the adversity they face, the National Front must prevail to prevent the destruction of the French state as we know it.

A strong France is good for Europe and this is why it is in the interest of all ethnic Europeans to support the campaign of Marine Le Pen for French president. Hopefully Norbert Hofer will win the re-run of the Austrian presidential election in October and if this can be followed by what will be a monumental achievement of Le Pen becoming French president, then the momentum towards a new European order will be unstoppable. The nationalist surge throughout Europe provides this opportunity, but the events that will unfold over the next few years will either save us, or destroy us.



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