Racialist Olympics!

100m final

“The stage is set – the Olympics, Rio de Janerio 2016. The perfect location, a melting pot of racial groups in South America, a former colony free from the shackles of racism. This is truly an event where everybody can be free from discrimination, regardless of colour. After all, colour has no bearing on sporting success! It’s just human beings in a competition!”

Sickening, isn’t it?

This is the narrative that “they” want to push – “They” being the mainstream media, the political class, Hollywood, television, big business/banks through advertising, and so on. This idea that we’re all the same must be forced upon us, regardless of scientific contradiction or basic reason. But the problem for this international clique of subversives is, of course, that the very events that they wish to hijack to push their agenda such as the Olympics simply serve to disprove the message to even the most basic of intelligence.

Wouldn’t it be rather odd to notice, that after having a particular message of racial indifference forced down your throat every day of every week of every year, all is not as it seems. Simply take the men’s 100m event – a great event where some top athletes perform in front of millions around the world through the television – and what do you notice? Even the colourblind would see that all the finalists are black. And this is not a problem. Who cares if every finalist is a black man? Nobody cares, it’s just a sporting event. But, nevertheless, the colour of their skin is relevant.

It shows, even before we look at why, that there are fundamental differences between races. Swimming is overwhelmingly white, sprint events and long distance events such as the 100m, 200m, 15,000m and marathon events are overwhelmingly black. Similarily, events that require great dexterity and reaction speed are dominated by East Asians, usually the Chinese – sports such as Table Tennis, Gymnastics, Taekwondo and so on. This is not the result of training methods or area of focus – no, particular ethnic groups are more predisposed to excelling at certain things than others and therefore the nations of these different racial groups succeed accordingly, and base their training around this. A team is built and directed to play to their strengths, they do not decide the strengths first and then direct random people towards them.

In 2010, research was published by Howard University and Duke University in the USA detailing why black people are faster runners than white people. The research doesn’t just show a minor difference that gives blacks the edge, rather it shows massive fundamental difference in body structure between the two racial groups. This particular study found that the main reason behind blacks being faster runners is that their limbs are generally longer than those of whites, whilst whites have on average 1.5 inches more torso than blacks. Furthermore, the study finds that even black sprinters who compete for Jamaica, Canada and the USA, can trace their ancestery back to West Africa. To view the article detailing the results of this study, click here

Again, the same is true of long distance running. Africans are particularly good at long distant events not because of “carrying water for miles as a child” as the cultural subversives would lead you to believe, but because of genetics. One study conducted in Kenya found that Africans could quite easily outperform the best European long-distance runners after only a few months training, clearly indicating a natural advantage as opposed to a ‘social construct’. The study found fundamental differences in bone density and again, limb and torso size difference, to be the driving factors behind this natural ability.

But, nobody likes to talk about these things. The issue of course for the media and the politicians is that once we begin noticing racial differences in a sporting context, we may then start to use this scientific base and apply it to other areas of life. For example, black men are more likely to develop diabetes than whites, Europeans have a much greater natural level of intelligence than Africans based on IQ, East Asians are better than other racial groups at mathematics, and so on. Thus, this Olympic elephant in the room cannot be spoken about, for fear of igniting a greater debate on the issue of racial/ethnic differences.

However, it is not racist to notice these differences, you do not have to be colourblind to be a fair and rational person. In fact, noticing colour puts you totally at odds with the irrational heretics in the media and in politics. It is scientifically stupid to suggest that nothing is different between a black man, a white man and an Asian man. To ignore these differences is on a par with believing the earth is flat – it is just a scientific falsehood.

So watch and enjoy the rest of the Olympic Games, it is sure to be an interesting event, but when it is all over please remember that these differences are not just confined to the sporting arena – they are everywhere, all around us. Remember, this is not to say that one race or ethnicity is more important than another, but they are different.





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