Migrant Mendacity


Sadly, the ‘refugee crisis’ of the last few years is not the first time European nations have experienced ‘cultural enrichment’ at the hands of the third world. Ever since the second world war, immigrants from distant corners of the Earth have descended upon Europe, bringing with them many problems. Whether its the gang/drug culture of the African-Caribbeans, the rape culture of the Africans or the ‘explosive’ ideologies brought from the Muslim world, Europe has without question suffered at the hands of immigration and its main proponents. Today, European nations are still suffering, and to a much greater extent than ever before in the history of our continent. The refugee wave welcomed in by Chancellor Merkel and her internationalist friends at the EU Commission and the United Nations has brought with it serious problems – from mass shootings in Paris, to gang rapes in Vienna, we are at a crisis point in our history.

Even in the last few weeks there seems to be no volume change in the litany of crimes committed by those who abuse the hospitality of European nations. Then again, there should be no surprise here when we consider that over a million ‘refugees’ flooded into Europe last year, and the flow shows no sign of abating anytime soon. Only negligible numbers of immigrants have been sent back to their countries of origin and even those who fail in their asylum claims are often allowed to stay indefinitely anyway. It has been reported that the German authorities have even managed to lose many hundreds of thousands of those allowed into their nation since January 2015 – which is surprising, considering the diligence they show in using former Stasi operatives to police the internet for ‘anti-migrant hate speech’.

But it is not just the volume of crime that is worrying, but the grossly obscene nature of much of it. We’re not talking about petty theft from the local supermarket or a few fights outside a bar – no, we’re talking about gang rape, beheading, child rape, mass shootings, and other heinous crimes of that nature. It is the sheer barbarism of the incidents we’re now seeing on an almost daily basis that are most shocking to the peoples of Europe. Even the more moderate, tolerant people amongst us must be able to see what is now apparent about these people. Of course, the Marxists and the internationalists see it too, but unlike the people of Europe these soulless enablers defend or even revel in the abhorrent acts committed by their ‘refugee’ pawns.

But in reality, it is the peoples of Europe who have to live with this madness on a daily basis.`

Just today, a news report was published in multiple papers detailing how a failed asylum seeker – who regardless of his ‘failed’ status was allowed to remain in Great Britain – and convicted molester had tried to abduct a 10 year old girl from a supermarket. Yesterday, a sickening story of a German woman who was gang raped by 9 migrant men in Vienna, Austria. The day before, illegal immigrants camped out in Calais were reported to have attacked a British motorist with a chainsaw. The day before that, again in Austria, Afghan asylum seekers reported to be using counterfeit money to pay prostitutes. Again, on the same day, a report surfaced of a Sri Lankan ‘refugee’ who faced jail for ‘sexual assault via penetration’ – a Liberal Democrat MP had successfully fought to keep this same man in the UK 3 years prior. Again, on the same day, a report detailing how an Afghan migrant raped a 4 year old boy in a public toilet near Hamburg, Germany – an absolutely heinous crime.

However, if you search the words ‘migrant’ and ‘crime’ together in any standard search engine, you will most likely find none of these stories. Similarly, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter will remove your posts on the subject if there is but a hint of offence, thanks to the collusion of tech owners like “Mark” Zuckerberg with the proponents of the new world order. But they’re there, mainly in the print media or alternative media, every day. It is a sad state of affairs to say that European nations have come to tolerate this as the new normal. Once upon a time when strong nations such as Germany, England, France and Austria faced invasive/subversive forces, we flushed them away – now we welcome them into our cities, give them our jobs, give them shelter, give them food and give them entertainment.

Have we gone mad?

Wake Up.



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