Black Lives Matter UK


This morning (06/09/2016) the UK edition of hate group “Black Lives Matter” made the headlines with a small-scale protest at London City Airport. It was reported that a group of 9 activists made their way onto the runway at about 5 am, erected a tripod then chained themselves together. Thanks to this ridiculous charade, flights had to be cancelled or diverted causing massive inconvenience, whilst also highlighting the lack of effective security at the airport to deter intrusions. Police reported that 9 protesters were arrested at the scene after a short stand off in which protesters initially refused to be moved. Black Lives Matter UK claimed responsibility for the protest, later releasing a statement on the matter:

“Whilst at London City Airport a small elite is able to fly, in 2016 alone 3,176 migrants are known to have died or gone missing in the Mediterranean.

“Black people are the first to die, not the first to fly, in this racist climate crisis.

“We note, however, that the UK is willing to charter special flights to remove black people from the country based on their immigration status.”

Later, a member of the group called Joshua Virasami gave an interview for the BBC (who else?) in which he added the following:

“In Britain, 28% of black people are more likely to be exposed to air pollution… being in closest proximity to the industries causing climate change.”

Now if these two statements don’t scream “useful idiot”, then the pope is not a catholic. The statement and interview both show that this stunt had nothing to do with the trials and tribulations of black people living in the UK, but was instead a free propaganda opportunity to the Marxists who wish to promote mass third world immigration and class warfare. Whilst it is regrettably true that London City Airport is almost exclusively for the bankers and stock brokers, this has nothing whatsoever to do with how many ‘migrants’ have died crossing the Mediterranean Sea. Neither does it have any bearing on the immigration status of coloured people in the UK, yet still these issues were raised in an official statement. They could have spoken about the poor quality of housing in the area, or the lack of jobs and educational opportunities, but instead they simply used the event as a loudspeaker for their anti-English and anti-European world views.

This is probably because the protesters were white liberal idiots – yes that’s right, the Black Lives Matter protesters weren’t even black. As usual, the 5th columnists of our society are intent on betraying their own kith and kin by advancing policies that make our replacement as a people inevitable. According to these people, we should take as many migrants as there are crossing the Mediterranean Sea, we should stop deporting illegal immigrants, and allow blacks first pick of the land to avoid ‘air pollution’. As per the usual, there is no consideration for the native population of England and the rest of the United Kingdom, only small but noisy minority groups who elbow everybody out of the way to get what they want.

What may surprise you is the fact that black people only make up 3.01% of the population of the United Kingdom, according to the 2011 census. A further 1.98% of the population are ‘mixed’, according to the same census, so if we include those people that’s still only a fraction over 5% of the population that would consider themselves to be black. So, why are Black Lives Matter even active in the UK? Remember, the group began in America to protest against the shooting of black people by the police, yet the UK does not have any such problems ourselves. In fact, no nation in Europe has this issue. Our governments bend over backwards to ensure that the needs and wants of non-natives get preferential treatment in our country – they get first pick of everything from jobs to university places. So, why are Black Lives Matter active in a country and continent that is so welcoming to them?

Clearly, this has nothing to do with black people or their lives. What this is, quite simply, is a poorly informed group of protesters (useful idiots) being controlled by the puppet strings of their financial backers, namely globalists such as George Soros who’s charities fund the group. Soros and his merry band of Europe-haters use groups like Black Lives Matter to advances the causes that match their ‘European ideal’ – to create and ethnically bastardised Europe ruled by an arrogant elite. Of course, the liberal/leftist media give maximum airtime to any pro-immigrant/black/coloured group, so they are the mouthpiece of the establishment, wolves in sheep’s clothing. The protesters simply say what they’re told to say for the money that they’re given, all the while believing they’re actually advancing the demands of their group.

Black Lives Matter must have come as the most wonderful gift for the globalist elites behind the EU and the high horses at the United Nations. The group are against everything that the aforementioned globalists wish to destroy – the family, the nation, homogeneous societies, traditionalism, nature and so on. Their official website in the United States explicitly claims it to be their goal to destroy the traditional family and replace it with collectivist-type communities, just as Marx outlined in his communist manifesto. So is it any wonder that the elites of the western world are backing them 100%? It is via these so-called social justice groups that the proponents of Europe’s destruction will try to advance their goals, through social tension, class warfare and mass non-white immigration.

But a realist should look at this and see the truth. England is the homeland of English people, Europe as a whole is the homeland of the European peoples, so Black Lives Matter really have no business trying to change our nations and communities. To the black people who are distressed at the quality of their lives in our nations, we must say: “There is a beautiful continent south of here, Africa, your homeland – go there, improve your own nations and live the life you wish with the culture that you belong to!” We must make sure that immigrants already here and those planning on coming that they cannot make Europe their home. It is our home and not theirs.

On the matter of those holding the puppet strings, we face a much greater challenge. These are the untouchables, the people who can get away with whatever audacious act they wish, and can prosecute any who dare to fight back against them. The fight against these people is an information warfare, we will only beat them by playing them at their game and using their tools against them. Even their immigrant pawns must be shown that they too are being used and abused by the very people bringing them to Europe! Everything is fair game to be weaponized (metaphorically, don’t worry GCHQ) against the establishment, that includes all their own tools and schemes.

The emergence of groups such as Black Lives Matter in Europe shows the challenge we have ahead of us. They have the pressure groups, they have the media, the arts, the film industry and so much more, but we have passion and desire for an identity that can never be crushed. In movements such as the Identitarian youth movement Generation Identity in Europe, and the emergence of bold nationalistic politicians like Norbert Hofer and Geert Wilders across the continent, we have hope that one day we will win this fight against the Cultural Marxism agenda and the exploiting elite.



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