Today we live in a Europe that has forgotten its identity. The elites of the baby boomer generation decided that heritage and tradition no longer mattered, that tried and tested means of cultural survival and prosperity were outdated, and that European nations did not belong to us any longer. They have attempted to dismantle all that is primordial about our great lands, including our ties to our ethnic identity. Through mass immigration, multi-ethnic societies have been forged where we are told that one’s roots no longer matter and that we are all one human race, able to coexist without problem.

But this is a lie. It is this lie that will undoubtedly plunge European nations into another great war, not a war of aggression against one another, but rather a war of defence against the pawns used by the establishment to build this multicultural nightmare. One hopes it will not have to be this way, but the current climate is making this look evermore inevitable.

Ethnopluralism is a different theory, a theory that doesn’t subscribe to the lies of the great ‘melting pot’ that the establishment have tried to fool us into believing in. The fundamental principle of this more realistic ideology, is the understanding that humans are not all the same. A German and an Englishman cannot be pigeonholed into the same category as a sub-Saharan African or a Chinese person. This is because ethnic groups have different genetic qualities and characteristics based upon thousands of years of separate development. Even within Europe, there are substantive differences between, for example, a native Swede and a native Greek. These differences in turn account to some extent for the great differences in cultures between ethnic groups. The ancient Japanese culture could not have been naturally created by any other people than native Japanese, just as French or German culture could not be naturally created by any other than ethnic Europeans.

Once one accepts this to be the truth that it is, the ideas of ethnopluralism then flow naturally from one logical conclusion to another. The most important point above all else is pride. It is important, natural even, for an ethnic community to wish to take pride in and wish to protect their culture and values, for it is these cultures and values that give us our fundamental sense of belonging and purpose in this world – we are striving to enjoy the society in which we live and preserve it for our children and our children’s children, so they too can enjoy it as we have. It is our natural habitat, where we feel secure and at peace with the world. All peoples of all cultures should feel this pride and desire to preserve their heritage for the next generation.

This pride is a thing of beauty and should be celebrated, but the problem occurs when we attempt to push multiple tribes with multiple cultures into the same space under this horribly repetitive banner of multiculturalism. This idea simply plants the seeds for ethnic conflict in the future, as opposed to bringing about the peace that we are told it will. It is natural that ethnic groups living within the same space will agitate for their own culture and practises to be the dominant, as this is a crucial survival mechanism. When this occurs, the other peoples and cultures will inevitably struggle harder in order to survive, creating a constant escalation in tensions between each other. This means that the multicultural dream becomes a nightmare. It is an impossible ideal, propagated by those who should know better.

Different ethnic groups, or tribes, or however you want to refer to them, simply cannot coexist peacefully. What is a source of joy for one culture is dishonourable to another, what is acceptable to one is morally repugnant to another – there are simply too many differences.

But, these differences are to be respected as true diversity. All ethnic groups should be allowed to develop their own cultures in their own homelands, free from interference or negative influences from outside or in. This is the dignity with which we must build the world, a world where Europeans can be Europeans in their own homelands and Africans can be Africans in their homelands. We must say to the foreign ethnic groups in Europe, go home! Return to your homelands, develop them, enjoy them, live in peace and strive for prosperity. We will do the same.

We want to travel the world, we want to enjoy the cultures that exist throughout it when we take a holiday – but we also want the comfort and security of returning to live in our own homelands amongst our own people and culture. This is not prejudice, this is in fact true diversity. The elitists of the baby boomer generation don’t understand diversity, for they want to blend us into one rootless entity in their ‘melting pot’. We reject this for the lie that it is.

In essence, ethnopluralism is the ideology of ethnic dignity. It is to preserve and celebrate the differences that makes a Frenchman French, and a Nigerian a Nigerian. It is to wish for a world where an English girl feels safe to walk home after dark, and where a Kurd is not living in fear of Turkish state persecution. It is through this plurality of separate ethnic development that we will find peace, not through the false ideal that is multiculturalism. We must dismantle the multi-ethnic society that the elites have attempted to build, and forge a new ideal based on identity, communities and dignified celebration of difference.



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