The Islamic Issue


On this day 15 years ago, a group of Islamic terrorists hijacked 4 planes, crashing 2 into the World Trade Centre and 1 into the pentagon. 2,996 people lost their lives as a result of these attacks and more than 6,000 were injured. Since then, our politicians in the west declared a ‘war on terror’, they’ve invaded countless Muslim countries and sent our soldiers to die in wars that would supposedly keep us safe from this kind of Islamic terror. But sadly, quite the opposite has resulted from their misguided endeavours. Our leaders have armed the very people we are fighting against, they have created the groups such as ISIS and Al-Nusra that are now wreaking havoc across the world, and they have gone after the wrong people – the worst offence of all being the illegal assault on Assad’s Syria, a once liberal and peaceful nation until America decided that had to change.

As a result, we’ve seen wave after wave of Islamic migrants flock to Europe – the promised land of welfare and idleness in their eyes – and with them they have brought their backward ideology and extremist actions. They’ve raped European women and girls, they’ve stabbed, shot and beheaded their way through many a European city, and since this escalation in ‘the war on terror’, these incidents have only gotten worse. It is the most obvious of equations: America starts bombing an Islamic country, we Europeans get the ‘refugees’! This is not necessarily the fault solely of America – our weak European leaders, led by Frau Merkel, took it upon themselves to open the borders and flood our nations with these Muslim migrants to further their multi-ethnic mission. Europe is a more dangerous place than ever before, thanks to the war on terror.

We cannot really blame the Muslims themselves for these things because we invited them! It has always been the stated intention of many adherents of Sunni Islam to create a caliphate as large as they can possibly make it, including throughout Europe. Many of them openly declare that they want to replace our laws with Sharia law, that they want to replace our population with Islam, and that through birthrates they are succeeding. Many make no secret of this. It is our weakness and naivety that have allowed this to happen, and the Muslim immigrant pawns will just continue to do what they do until we find a backbone. It is simply history repeating itself! Since Islam came into being, its followers have been trying to conquer Europe with incursions into Spain, Italy and various other southern European nations. The fanatical Arabs made it all the way to the gates of Vienna at one point, before we drove them out again. So why is it any surprise that we are finding a similar situation once more in Europe?

Since 9/11, there have been 29,197 Islamic terrorist attacks around the world. This year alone we have seen attacks in Germany, Denmark, France, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium and England. We have to face the truth here – Islam and its adherents are going to be the death of Europe unless we act now. They are attempting to impose their alien culture onto our societies. They are committing terrorist atrocities on our soil. In centuries past, we drove the invading Islamic forces out of Europe, pushing them right back into what is now Turkey. It’s a centuries old struggle between two civilisations, when one uses the term euphemistically, that is once again coming to a head.

What European nations have to do to survive this onslaught is twofold. First, Islam must be removed from our societies. That means banning the Koran, outlawing alien cultural practises such as wearing the burqa and polygamy, and also deporting the adherents to this cult back to Islamic lands. Second, we must stop following America into battle. They haven’t learned from the mistakes of Iraq and Afghanistan, and will no doubt continue trying to police the world and enforce ‘freedom’ on opposing cultures. A better approach would be an isolationist one, where European nations develop separately without interfering in the world and without the world interfering with is. We must create a ‘fortress Europe’, where non-European migration is strictly prohibited.

Extremist Islam is not going to reform itself anytime soon. It has been 15 years since the world awoke to what their cult is all about and still we have seen no change, no reform, no improvement. We have to be realistic and accept the fact that we have certain types of societies in Europe, and Muslims have certain types of societies in their countries – and they are totally incompatible. America would do well to learn from their mistakes also, and stop interfering in wars that have nothing to do with their nation. Perhaps if Donald Trump wins the presidency, this will become reality, but another 4 years of neocon rule with Mrs Clinton at the helm could spell further disaster in terms of foreign wars and terrorism risks.

It is not just about ‘never forgetting’ the events of 9/11, it is also about never forgiving, but learning from the time that has elapsed since and taking action on our lessons. If we don’t, the Islamic incursions into the Occidental nations will only grow stronger.



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