Diversity Is Antithetical To Peace


Today is ‘international peace day’, apparently. One would not guess that peace figures too highly on the priorities of western elites, considering their readiness to ferment sectarian violence in the Middle-East, which may go some way to explaining their actions regarding Europe’s diversity experiment. We are told that diversity is our greatest strength, that through diversity we will achieve a higher level of virtue – the European Union’s own motto is ‘United in Diversity’, after all. But the truth of the matter is this: history has shown us time and time again that diversity – when taken to mean multiple ethnic living in one place – is the greatest weakness of any civilisation. This will inevitably be proven to be true once more in Europe, where the relative peace of the last 70 years will fast become a distant memory.

Western European nations are no longer the homogeneous they once were. All the highly developed nations of this part of the world have suffered mass-immigration over recent years, with nations such as Britain and France particularly suffering from our colonial pasts – Britain with the influx of Africans and Indians starting in the 1950’s and France with their mass influx of Algerians. Similarly, Germany has suffered from a mass influx of Turks in recent years and now, at the behest of Frau Merkel, millions of ‘refugee’ invaders from the third world continue to pour in. Sweden – another example of a once great nation – has been totally overwhelmed by an influx of pretty much anybody and everybody from the despotic sewers of the world, turning it into the rape capital of the world, second only to Lesotho of southern Africa. The populations of our European allies were never asked if it was acceptable to them for these foreign peoples to settle in their land, as neither were we in Britain – our nations have been changed so drastically, over our heads, by the establishment who have then sought to justify their actions retrospectively through lies and false propaganda.

Does it matter to the establishment that native Britons fall behind in school because the majority of their fellow students won’t learn English properly? Do they care that British soldiers are beheaded on the streets? Do they care that innocent native French people are gunned down whilst enjoying a pop concert? Do they care that native Swedish girls are molested and gang raped by the dozen at music festivals?

Of. Course. Not!

It isn’t their daughters being raped, or their boys being shot down, or themselves at these concerts and festivals being molested by predatory migrants – no, diversity is reserved for the masses whilst the elites maintain their peaceful existence in their gated communities and their Islington apartments. Diversity for European nations, in practise, means a never ending cultural war and a constant vigilance and fear for one’s safety. It is not peaceful for us, the ordinary people who have to live through it and, as our despair turns to anger, it will only get less peaceful from here on in.

The elites – who constantly reference National Socialism as a point in history to learn from – seem to preach what they don’t themselves practise. Do they not realise that Rome fell primarily thanks to their unwillingness to repel the Germanic tribes (Goths and Huns) crossing the Danube? Have they not seen as recently as Yugoslavia in the 1990’s, when ethnic conflict erupted resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths and tanks on the streets of Europe once more? The parrallels are there for all to see – the columns of migrant invaders marching through the streets of Hungary, piling into trains in Austria and burning down their own camps on the Greek Islands – yet the establishment is continuing to encourage this? One would have hoped they’d have learned after the Commonwealth immigrants brought drugs and violent crime to the streets of London in the 20th century, that mass third world immigration is a bad idea, but sadly they did not.

Can you honestly deny, after appraising the situation realistically, that European nations are not heading for civil war? France is already on the brink – nightly violence on the streets of Paris, brawls between Muslim invaders and natives on the beaches of Corsica and terror attacks in Nice. They decry the rise of nationalism amongst natives, but the truth is that nationalism is our last refuge, the only hope for the native peoples of Europe to save themselves and their nations from collective self-destruction.

But what will it take for people to awake from their slumber? Still, even now, too many are taken in by the narrative of the mainstream media, believing that ‘diversity really is our greatest strength’. What will it take? More dead bodies on the streets of Paris? More soldiers’ heads rolling down the streets of London? Another mass shooting in Bavaria? Or another 1400 native British girls raped in Rotherham?

To be so foolish as to be complacent with the peace we used to enjoy is not an option.

“Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society” – Aristotle



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