#FreeSyria (From The Globalists!)


Syria is under siege. Not by ISIS, not by rebels, but by the globalists. These are the powers that be in, primarily the United States of America, but also their puppet followers in our western governments. Syria is a fascinating case study to use when analysing the globalist agenda, primarily because it is more transparent than previous interventions in the Middle-East like Iraq, where the pretence of a ‘war on terror’ was generally accepted as A) the truth, and B) a force for good. This time its different, the information highlighting the true nature of western involvement in the region is there for all to see and, whilst many still believe we are fighting a just crusade against Islamic extremism, others are beginning to realise all is not as it seems.

So, firstly it is important to get some background information on Syria established to better understand the events that have unfolded in more recent years. In 1963, the Ba’ath Syrian Regional Branch (part of the wider Ba’athist Arab movement) came to power in a successful coup d’état – the Ba’athist movement is an Arab socialist and nationalist political one, anti-Zionist and, crucially, secular as opposed to Islamist. In 1971, Hafez al-Assad became president and remained in this position until 2000, when Bashar al-Assad took over. The Assad family follow the Alawite denomination of Islam, which is much more similar to Christianity than Sunni or Shia Islam with adherents generally advocating a modern, secular society – Alawites are a minority in Syria, making up 4,000,000 of the approximately 20,000,000 people living in Syria.

The trouble in Syria dates back to the invasion of Iraq in 2003, which was strongly opposed by the Assad government. Interestingly, Saddam Hussein was affiliated with the Iraqi branch of the Ba’ath socialist movement that kept the Islamists in check, as we now know. The Bush Administration in the USA began destabilising the Syrian regime sometime during or after the Iraq war, by promoting the causes of so-called repressed groups in the country such as the Sunni Islamists who are in fact fanatical terrorists. The Obama administration continued this destabilisation and, when alerted to the fact that they were supporting and arming radical Sunni Islamists, carried on regardless. This process established the conditions for armed conflict to begin in Syria, so that the US and their fan-club could overthrow Assad’s government by proxy.

A key event that is relevant to all of this was Assad’s rejection of a proposed Qatar-Turkey natural gas pipeline in 2009 – the pipeline would have had to have ran through Syria. The reasoning behind the pipeline in the first place was to open up a wider natural gas market in the middle-east to the European customers, but Assad would not involve Syria in this plan in order to protect the interests of his ally, Russia, who would be set to lose out financially should European nations get this alternate supply of fossil fuels. Russia is currently Europe’s largest supply of natural gas. This is important for two reasons. Firstly, the primary aim of western elitists is to use this pipeline to cripple Russia financially, as the Russians are refusing to play ball in regards to globalisation and the world order that the American-led west wishes to create. Secondly, the nations surrounding Syria involved in the natural gas pipeline fiasco – primarily Turkey – aim to remove Assad and install in his place the Syrian chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood (a radical Sunni Islamist organisation with links to terrorism in the west).

The civil war initially broke out in early 2011, when defectors from the Syrian Army formed the ‘Free Syrian Army’ and began armed attacks against the government’s infrastructure. Right from the beginning, Obama and his administation began the calls for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step aside, calls that were then echoed by US-puppets Cameron, Hollande, Merkel et al in Europe. Sanctions were issued and restrictions put in place. As early as 2011, the US supplied ‘non-lethal aid’ to rebel factions (despite them being mainly Islamist terrorists). This was soon escalated to the supply of cash, training and weaponry to be used directly against Assad’s government. The justification for this was speculation that Assad’s forces were using chemical weapons against the rebels – whether this is true or not is doubtful, but the media apparatus will find the evidence it is required to, by fair or foul means.

There are further complexities to the Syrian conflict, most obviously ISIL, but also the foreign forces engaged in fighting in the country. Until the civil war began, Assad, like Saddam, was able to keep a lid on Sunni Islamist extremism and retain the secular nature of Syrian society. Of course, with his security forces tied up in battle with rebel factions, the Islamists felt emboldened to rise up and begin their reign of terror with haste in Syria. ISIL are something of an anomaly in this situation, but their ability to gain so much land in Syria can be attributed in no small part to the destabilisation efforts of the US from the early 2000’s onward. ISIL are fighting everybody – the government, the rebels, as well as the foreign powers who are present in the country. There are also foreign powers in Syria directly (or by proxy) fighting against the Assad regime.

There are many Palestinian militias present in Syria fighting alongside the rebels, as well as groups backed by the Muslim Brotherhood from abroad such as the al-Nusra Front – many of these so-called rebel allies are well known Islamist terrorist organisations. Also, Turkey are actively engaged in fighting in Syria under the guise of repelling Kurdish YPG terrorism, but in reality it is against Assad’s regime, as Turkey is an Islamist state allied with the Muslim Brotherhood and their Pan-Islamism ideals. France and Qatar are also officially providing ‘support’ to the rebels, which in reality means ground troops, weapons and all the trimmings. Furthermore, there are well documented cases of American air-strikes targeting the Syrian Army, as well as Israeli strikes near the Golan Heights region that have killed many of Assad’s forces – just last week, as government forces were engaged in battle with ISIL fighters in the south of Syria, Israel targeted the former with heavy aerial bombardment.

And on the other hand, there is Russia. The Russians are providing staunch support for the Assad regime and have been actively engaged in attacking both ISIL terrorists and rebel terror groups in Syria. Of course, our western media is awash with cries of ‘war crimes’ and civilian deaths, purely because Russia are attacking the terrorists that America and her puppets helped arm, train and support. What we are now seeing is a proxy war being fought between America and Russia – on the surface it is a war of words, but on the ground the Americans are using their rebel terrorist factions to hamper Russian efforts in the region.

The fact of the matter here is that Assad and his regime are just the latest victims of the globalist’s world conquest. The global elite need to make Russia play ball economically, so that the process of integrating world economics can be thrust forward another step and, Syria is simply a pawn to be played in this international chess game.

No comprehensive article on the Syrian civil war would be complete without the mention of the ‘refugee crisis’. This so-called humanitarian crisis is a direct creation of the western political elite. They are not stupid, they were well aware that the destabilisation of Syria would give rise to mass displacement of peoples – what’s more is that this has been used as an excuse seemingly to invite the entire third world to Europe. Now, not just Syrians, but Afghan, Eritrean, Somali, Pakistani, Iranian and Lebanese migrants are being shipped to Europe by our treacherous ‘leaders’ under the guise of a ‘global humanitarian crisis’. Syria was the perfect catalyst to bring this plot to fruition. It has been a snowball effect of mass migration. We are told that these invasive forces will bolster the flailing native European workforce, even though the vast majority of them live on welfare once they get to their destination. For example, over 70% of Turks in Germany – who were welcomed to ‘bolster the workforce’ – now live on welfare. Similarly in Sweden, over 99% of ‘asylum seekers’ live entirely on handouts, all paid for by the native taxpayer. In the United Kingdom, 40% of Muslim men have never worked a day in their lives.

But, this all makes sense when one looks at the bigger picture. The globalist’s ideal is a world without separate cultures and identities, but instead with a global financial market in which the worker’s only loyalty is to those who keep him in wage/debt slavery. This target can be more readily achieved if Europe is flooded with low IQ third worlders who will destroy the ethnic/cultural homogeneity of European nations. The result will be a dumbed-down, rootless society which can be easily manipulated by the ruling banking-cartel elite. So in these terms, Syria is very useful to the western elite – firstly for undermining the biggest opponent of the globalist order (Russia) and, secondly to create the conditions for a mass influx of foreign elements to Europe.

The truth is that Assad and Syria are the victims here, the victims of a horrific game being played by the western globalists. Of course, there are other victims too – the European women raped by rabid migrant men, the western soldiers who are sent to fight and die under a false pretence, the native Europeans who are denied social security, healthcare and housing in favour of immigrant welfare-grabbers, and so on.

The same pattern has been going on since the 1930’s. Hitler’s National Socialists defied the international banking/political elite in 1933 – they traded goods for goods to circumvent the big banks and, refused to sign up to the early globalist Pan-Europa Movement – and by the mid 1940’s German cities had been bombed to oblivion. The same thing happened during the Cold War, although this time the enemy of the globalists was destroyed through crippling financial pressure as opposed to full scale war. The same happened in Afghanistan and the Middle-East in the 1990’s, along with the Yugoslav wars. More recently, we have seen it happen in Iraq and, now its Syria’s turn.

It is all a game, a part of this sinister social-political movement called globalism.

We must realise that Assad or Putin or the Chinese are not our enemies, as the media would like us to believe. Bashar al-Assad would just like to be left alone to return Syria to its secular nature, Putin wants to run Russia his own way and maintain civil relations with the outside world, as do the Chinese. We have no business in trying to make these nations and their leaders change the way they are and, similarly, our own treacherous leaders have no right to destroy our culture and our ethnic homogeneity. It is about time we woke up.

This must end, one way or another – either with a popular awakening and rebellion against our political elite, or with our submission to the globalist agenda. In terms of Syria, the best outcome would be a victory over rebel and ISIL forces for Assad, although this looks unlikely. In the long term, if we value our cultures and traditions, and the lives and futures of our kith and kin, then we must never capitulate to the globalist traitors within.




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