No Child Refugees!


As the news came in this week that Britain will accept ‘hundreds of child refugees’ from the French camps, many anti-immigration hardliners and radicals were left scratching their heads. This is because, on the surface, it seems quite difficult to morally argue against taking these children. They are after all, not terrorists or subversives, they are just children who have had their innocence stolen by the terror of war, or have been smuggled across continents, funded by anxious parents wishing a more prosperous life for their offspring. How could we shut the door in their faces, one may ask? How could we be so inhumane as to ignore their plight?

Sounds like something straight out of the BBC playbook, doesn’t it?

In fact, there are a number of reasons why we should not take a single one of these children from the French camps. There’s a clue already! They are in France. The last time anybody checked, France was a safe nation. Yes, they are being turned into a third world nation by immigrant parasites, but for now they are still a relatively safe country. According to International Law, backed up by the Geneva Convention, refugees should claim asylum in the first safe nation they reach – clearly, this is not going to be Britain, neither is it France. The Marxists at the Guardian or the BBC News presenters are very quick to dismiss this point of law on the topic of refugees, but their hypocrisy is sickening, as they are the first to invoke these treaties in order to persecute a British soldier or ferment war with Russia! They may laugh at our attention to legal technicalities, but there is law for a reason and if we set a precedent by accepting these refugee children, then are we not saying that international law means nothing and please everybody, violate at will?

The point here is this: we have absolutely no legal obligation to take a single one of these child refugees. Why, when times are tough economically as it is, should the British taxpayer have to put up the cash for some idiot liberals to feel good about themselves? International law should be respected, or so we are repeatedly told in regards to our combat conduct, so we should be making no exception in this case either.

On a practical level, we have a population issue as it is and any additional strain is too much. You may argue that it’s only a few hundred children, they won’t put too much strain on our services! But, when over 15% of the existing British population are living in poverty, how is it fair to our citizens to import a single foreign person on a fully funded life? Contrary to popular belief, the British welfare system is not all that generous in comparison to the Scandinavian nations or those of continental Europe, yet a refugee is housed, fed, watered, educated and has their health cared for all for free – in contrast to our own citizens, many of whom are increasingly relying on charity provisions such as food banks for a warm meal! Is it not a total act of betrayal against the 2.3 million British children living in relative poverty, if we take a single child refugee? What message are we giving them? That it is alright for them to starve, whilst little Ahmed from Syria or Afghanistan is given a life of relative luxury from minute one? No, this cannot be an acceptable situation. Charity begins at home and our government has a duty to improve the situation of Britons before contemplating doing the same for those of foreign lands.

Of course, we have the racial question. Yes, many of you will have ran and hidden behind the sofa at this point, but do not recoil, for ignoring the elephant in the room will only make its trunk grow larger.

We have a problem in this country in that the face of it is changing and being changed purposely. This has been going on for some time, since the second world war in fact, as we have seen millions upon millions of third world immigrants shamelessly imported into our nation without any prior consultation with the British people. There are parts of our cities that are almost completely colonised by immigrants from Pakistan or India or the Middle-East – and rest assured, a native Briton does no longer feel safe in these areas! Racial/Ethnic difference is a simple, unavoidable fact. All things from behaviours and attitudes, to basic levels of intelligence are influenced in some part by our genetics. Does nobody ever ask the question, exactly why are Africans so impoverished when their continent is the most resource-rich on earth? Could it have something to do with the fact that they score the lowest of all regions of the world in terms of IQ? Similarly, why is the Middle-East a war-torn cesspit of extremism? Every time we kill off the last bunch of Islamist terrorist psychopaths, a new group simply pops up in their place! Could it be, that these people are prone to such behaviours?

We have to accept that immigration has gone too far and, that a multi-ethnic society will ensure that Britain will eventually no longer be Britain. Indigenous families are not having children at a sustainable rate, whilst immigrant families are averaging 3, 4 or even 5 children each – it is simple mathematics, we are being replaced by way of fertility rates. Whilst we should be talking about repatriation options, we are instead debating whether to let in yet more third world immigrants? Let’s be honest, this has gone a little too far. A single extra immigrant from the third world is one more than we can afford to take right now.

Finally, do not forget public opinion! Yes, the lying media and the political elite do tend to see public opinion as something of an inconvenience, but they would do well to remember that the most recent polls conducted by Sky News showed that 60% of the British people want us to take ‘fewer or no refugees’, so the news of extra migrants from Calais will not go down too well at all.

But, despite all of the above, we still have a fight on our hands. Child refugees are being brought to Britain this very week, despite quite clear opposition from the public. All the while, the soap-dodging Marxist subversives of the ‘Open-Borders’ brigade are agitating and smuggling illegal immigrants in on a daily basis – we are fighting on many fronts, against the government who continue to go behind our backs and over our heads on immigration and, against the fifth columnist academics and lying media and of course, our aforementioned friends with their silly signs and dyed pink hair.

Remember, do not feel guilty for opposing the latest child refugee scheme. Opposing it is in fact a moral duty to all nationalistic Britons who wish to see better times ahead for their nation – yes, it may seem inhumane, but it is an unfortunate necessary part of the bigger picture to bring our nation to where we want it to be. So, conservatives, nationalists and radicals – speak out! Do not take this lying down! Make your voices heard and your anger clear, we cannot be made fools of for much longer and, we will not tolerate it!



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