Democracy: Do We Care?


All throughout the EU referendum campaign in Britain and, ever since the vote itself, one word has been thrown up constantly: Democracy. It was invoked ferociously by leave campaigners, who argued (rightly) that the EU is the antithesis of democracy and that our democratically elected parliament should be sovereign. Now that particular debate is over, the whinging liberals and globalists are now arguing that parliament should be able to approve or reject the government’s terms for leaving the EU as ‘that would be the democratic thing to do’.

They may in fact have a point here. After all, did John Major not have to go to the House of Commons before signing the Maastricht treaty in 1992? Did Gordon Brown not put before the commons the choice as to whether or not we should sign up to the Lisbon Treaty in 2009? Yes, they did this out of process as opposed to democratic principle, as we all know the traitors in parliament just nodded and approved any new EU treaty that furthered the globalist agenda – but as this is the precedent for major decisions involving Europe, should our departure deal not be put to a vote in the House?

Well, of course it should. But, unfortunately for you, remainers, most of us Brexiteers really aren’t that fussed! Yes, the cat is out of the bag, as it were. Many of us used the ‘democracy’ argument as a front for the issues that we really care about, mainly immigration and self-determination (which is not the same as democracy). Isn’t it quite obvious, that it is more palatable to the swing voter to discuss loss of democratic right, than to bring to the fore the real nationalistic reasons for wishing to exit the EU? The latter is so stigmatised by the Marxists and the liberals, that of course we needed a front and the democracy question is perfect for that purpose.

Of course, you will always find the ideological libertarians who genuinely believe the biggest issue here is the sovereignty of parliament and, many of these people may now be irritated by the direction our government is taking, but these undoubtedly make up a minority of those who voted to leave the EU. Most ordinary people understand that ‘democracy’ is a failed system anyway, we understand that if voting actually changed anything they wouldn’t let us do it. David Cameron made a huge error of judgement in that respect, igniting a debate so fierce he ensured it was the one vote they couldn’t ignore.

And it is plain to see to those with even the mildest interest in politics, that those who ‘represent’ us do so not as a majority but very much a minority. For example, the Conservative Party have a majority in the House of Commons, yet they only gained 36.9% of the popular vote in the 2015 General Election. In fact, as a percentage of those eligible to vote in that election, they only received 24.3% support – less than a quarter! That’s not democracy. But, even so, the vast majority of Brexiteers are quite comfortable for Mrs May and her cabinet to rule by decree on the European issue, provided they continue in the direction they’ve set off in.

Obviously, should they change course and soften their approach to leaving the EU, then we will probably start crying democracy from the rooftops once more. The sad truth is this will not change anything – mass protest and public demonstration, that is the only way to really force the issue. Of course, should the Tories see their poll numbers start to dip (as they will if they backslide on the issue) then they will change course. The latest ICM poll gave the Conservative Party a 17 point lead (42% to 25%) over Labour, their second highest in modern times and this is all down to their stance on the EU. Theresa May and her cabinet gave out some positive noises on the issues the British people really care about at their conference last week, such as immigration, Europe, the NHS and so on – so as long as they go on in the way they’ve begun, their lack of democratic mandate is really a non-issue to many of us.

And how could one forget, the looks on the faces of those on the opposition benches when Secretary of State for Brexit David Davis stood up in parliament and wiped the smiles off the remainers faces with his hard brexit, no nonsense stance. In his speech he proclaimed that parliament would ‘not be allowed to attempt to undermine negotiations’ during our exit from the EU, which is political-speak for ‘we’re dealing with this, you lot don’t get a say’! Which, of course, is music to the ears of most of us Brexiteers. The tears of the bitter remainers and idiot liberals in the press only makes it all the more sweet.

So yes, we used ‘democracy’ as a pretence, a facade for our true motives. Yes, we are gloating, yes we are leaving the EU and no, in answer to the title’s question, no we don’t really care about democracy! Get used to it, Marxists and liberals, the winds of British politics are blowing firmly in a new direction.



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