High Court Ruling: Counter-Insurgency


In an interview last week (published in that toxic new ‘newspaper’, “the New European”), Tony Blair claimed that the ‘48%’ were ‘now the insurgents’. Since the referendum that pathetic slogan “we are the 48” has become the tagline for those weak, victim-complex ridden individuals who simply cannot accept that Great Britain is leaving the European Union. It is developing the same notoriety as “the 96”, with Liverpudlian-level sentimentality by the bucket load to accompany it. So Tony Blair and his ‘insurgents’ must have been delighted this morning when the High Court ruled in favour of Gina Miller, the woman who brought a legal challenge against the Prime Minister’s intention to use the Royal Prerogative to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

How they can refer to themselves as ‘insurgents’ is beyond belief, considering these are the people who have had politics all their own way for hundreds of years. They are the establishment. They are the people we mean when we say ‘global elite’. They have no consideration for their people or their nation, they just wish to see their globalist dreams enhanced and expanded.

This woman for example, Gina Miller, is an Investment Fund manager who lives and works in London. Her husband is also one of the same profession and together they are worth over £100 million. Mrs Miller is in fact an immigrant, born in Guyana, so why she has any business subverting the British political process and the will of the British people is a question many will surely be asking. In typical Remoaner fashion, she had previously claimed that the thought of Brexit made her ‘physically sick’, an odd thing to say for somebody who’s millions will ensure she never has to live with the consequences of any political decision. But then again, this is typical of the leading voices attempting to halt the will of the people being effected. Bob Geldof, Richard Branson, Tony Blair, Michael Heseltine, Rod Stewart, Eddie Izzard – to name just a few of those campaigning to reverse the referendum result.

An ironic twist of all this is that those on the political left, who claim to be against the rich and the elites, are now aligned with the very same people! Who would have thought it, Marxists lining up side-by-side with millionaire investment managers to campaign for the same political cause. But this is just an example of what the’ European project’ has done to our nations, it has aligned Marxist social doctrine with crony capitalism to produce this odd phenomenon that we are now seeing.

However, whilst that is amusing, the pertinent question is what are the supporters of Britain’s exit going to do to ensure their will is carried out? If this attempt to stop our departure is an insurgency, as Mr Blair called it, then we surely must mount a stronger counter insurgency! We cannot allow these whining liberals to destroy the first real choice the British people have made in decades. Democracy, or, the will of the people – whichever you prefer – must be the law.

On 23rd June this year, 17,410,742 people voted in favour of Britain’s exit from the European Union. To put that in contrast, just over 11 million people voted for the Conservative Party in 2015 and they have an overall majority to govern our nation. At the height of his popularity in 1997, Tony Blair and his Labour Party won just over 13 million votes, giving them 418 seats in the House of Commons. The point here is that 17 million votes is historic in terms of British politics and is something that we cannot allow to be forgotten. It is akin to a mini revolution, whereby we, the British people, rejected the globalist establishment’s project in favour of a new Britain, with a wish to bring to the present some of the things that made us great in the past.

The vote on 23rd June was a special occurrence and we must not simply look back in complacency at our achievement. Instead, we must see the verdict we gave as something to cherish and protect. Ronald Reagan once said that freedom is only ever one generation away from extinction (or words to that effect) and it is with that attitude we must view Brexit, for Brexit is a national freedom that we can all enjoy, but we can also lose very easily. So now we must be prepared for a struggle to ensure that we do in fact leave the European Union and the establishment powers do not betray us as they usually do.

The worst thing we can possibly do is entrust the motivation to leave the EU to our government. They have proved time and again that they will let us down at every turn. This time, the ballot box is not the answer. What we must do is stop being the ‘silent majority’ and instead become the very loud majority! Of course, nobody is suggesting all out civil war, but street action is a viable option, peaceful of course. In essence, we must be prepared for action to defend the decision that we took on 23rd June – whether that be street protests, further campaigning, online activism or simply encouraging like-minded people to adopt the same attitude, it all is of equal importance.

The establishment, by attempting to delay Brexit with their posturing and globalist judicial activism, are simply storing up problems for the future. There has never been a revolution in the history of the United Kingdom, but by continually ignoring the will of the people, its as if they actually desire that tradition to come to an end.



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