Totalitarian Liberalism


2016 has been a great year politically, especially for those of us on the winning side of the major decisions that have been taken in the Western World. It has been the year where finally, right-wing populism (when defined simply as the popular will) has triumphed against the established order and millions of people have finally had their voices heard. In Great Britain, we’ve seen the people vote decisively to leave the European Union which was a vote against mass migration, against the assault on our sovereignty and against other nations plundering our cash. In America, they’ve just elected Donald J. Trump as their next president, a move hailed as a push-back against globalism and the establishment elites, as well as a big slap in the face of the liberal media.

But we’ve also learned a thing or two this year. In particular, the establishment has shown its true colours. The clique of political, financial and media elites has been exposed for what it is, a conspiracy working to further their own personal and ideological ends, often directly against the people they claim to represent and serve. This is not ‘tin foil hat’ speak, this is the cold hard truth, that there is a conspiracy, whether spoken or unspoken, universally agreed or a damaging coincidence, it does exist.

This conspiracy can be labelled as totalitarian liberalism, which may appear an oxymoron at face value, but the truth is these two ideologies are not mutually exclusive. During the night of the US election, Sky News reporter Kay Burley interviewed an academic in New York, who let the cat out of the bag in no uncertain terms. He claimed that in a ‘liberal democracy’ such as the US, the liberal part is more important than the democracy part – this of course was said as it was becoming clear that Donald Trump was going to win. The academic went on to say that preserving the ‘liberal order’ was more important than democracy, a sentiment that has been uttered, if somewhat implicitly, in the United Kingdom since the EU referendum. It seems that this is a view held by many, if not the majority of these elitist classes of society.

What they mean by this ‘liberal order’ is globalisation and all its associated trimmings, both social and economic. This means free movement of people, goods and capital, it means universalism, egalitarianism, cultural relativism, trannies using the wrong bathroom, and other perversions of civilised society. You, the voter, can elect whomever you desire, as long as they do not want to change a long list of social and economic policies that account for the vast majority of political topics. It is as if there has been this unspoken set of policies that have been in place in western nations since the second world war, that no longer come under the political heading, ‘variables’. There’s a popular saying about voting: “If it actually made a difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.” Well clearly they’d rather we didn’t, especially now that we’ve started voting against their degenerate liberal policies.

The media are the propaganda arm of this totalitarian regime. They use their voice to bully and attack anybody who voices an opinion that is outside of this acceptable liberal thought. They tell their viewers, if you are critical of immigrants then you’re a racist, if you want marriage to be between a man and a woman you’re a homophobe, if you don’t want to be blown up by invaders you’re islamophobic, and God forbid you expressing a desire for your country to put its own people first! They use their airwaves monopoly to bully and brainwash the people so that they fall in line with the thoughts that are acceptable in a ‘liberal democracy’.

The central banks are the financiers of this totalitarian regime. They control the economies of the western world, the same economies whose success the politicians depend upon to keep their jobs – what could possibly go wrong? The central bank needs customers to lend to ie big business. Big businesses need more employees to fund their shareholders & their central banking creditors, so the banking/business clique push ideas ideas aimed at growing the workforce, thereby keeping wages down and ensuring a steady supply of useful idiots to do their bidding (think mass migration). See how the links of the chain fall into place?

The politicians are the enforcers of this totalitarian regime. They pass laws and enact policies to further the liberal cause and they sell out their nations to the international order through their treaties and accords, none of which are ever shown to the people, let alone voted on. They are traitors to their people and their country, who are quite happy to go against the popular will in order to further the implicitly agreed agenda of this new order. It is these people, those who claim to represent us, who are the most culpable in this series of unfortunate events. They lie to us, they cheat us and they show nothing but contempt for us, meanwhile they have the audacity to claim to represent us!

There is a certain irony in the way that the post-WWII inventors of ‘liberal democracy’ claim to have overthrown totalitarianism as they hold themselves up as the shining light of freedom. They said that they had to defeat fascism and their way is the right way of doing things. The truth of the matter is that their way is no more democratic than the regimes of Fascist Italy or Imperial Japan or National Socialist Germany – the only difference, of course, is that fascists tend to put their own people first and never pretend to be democrats!

What a vote for Brexit or Trump actually represented, was the beginning of a push-back against this totalitarian liberal order. It was the people of Britain and America realising that for once, they had an opportunity to make their vote count, an opportunity to push for a real change. But, this is just the beginning. There is over half a century of this liberal infestation of our institutions that needs to be purged. Simply leaving the EU and electing Trump, whilst monumental achievements, are not the end game. The end game is the destruction of this totalitarian liberal regime and the implementation of the will of the people. That means not just in politics, but in the arts, in the media, and in the many aspects of public life that are currently under the control of this regime.

So yes, we can allow ourselves the moment to celebrate our great victories of 2016, but we must also see that this year the liberal elite have revealed their true colours and will prove to be very formidable opponents in our struggle for our ideals. The work is only just beginning.



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