Revolution Europa is a multi-user, UK-based site dedicated to sharing blogs, articles, news and other information relevant to liberating the nations of Europe from the globalist’s grip. We will counter the poisonous narrative of the mainstream media, as opposed to following it.

We believe in the independent nation states of Europe and the right to self-determination and ethnic/cultural protection of the diverse native peoples of Europe. We are anti-globalism and any unnatural international body that pursues the course of globalism, such as the European Union and the United Nations. We are fiercely anti-Marxist, as well as against any ideology that seeks to displace the cultural, ethnic or traditional values of the nation states of Europe.

Whilst we as a whole are not aligned with any particular political party, movement or organisation, our contributors might be. The content on this site will be varied and will come from multiple individuals each with their own views.

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