High Court Ruling: Counter-Insurgency


In an interview last week (published in that toxic new ‘newspaper’, “the New European”), Tony Blair claimed that the ‘48%’ were ‘now the insurgents’. Since the referendum that pathetic slogan “we are the 48” has become the tagline for those weak, victim-complex ridden individuals who simply cannot accept that Great Britain is leaving the European Union. It is developing the same notoriety Continue reading “High Court Ruling: Counter-Insurgency”


Foreign Workers? No Thanks!


Since the British people voted to leave the European Union, the debate has continued to rage. One talking point of particular interest to the British people is that of immigration and one thing is clear, that a vote to leave the European Union was a vote against the continued influx of Eastern European immigrants of the kind we have seen in recent years. We are constantly told Continue reading “Foreign Workers? No Thanks!”

Democracy: Do We Care?


All throughout the EU referendum campaign in Britain and, ever since the vote itself, one word has been thrown up constantly: Democracy. It was invoked ferociously by leave campaigners, who argued (rightly) that the EU is the antithesis of democracy and that our democratically elected parliament should be sovereign. Now that particular debate is over, the whinging liberals and globalists are now arguing that parliament should be able to approve or reject the government’s terms for leaving the EU as ‘that would be the democratic thing to do’.

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Hard Brexit


In the last week and to the dismay of the crying liberal commentators, the British government have added more meat to the proverbial bones of ‘Brexit’. Some questions have been answered and if we take the Prime Minister at her word, we know now that immigration controls will be prioritised over Britain’s membership of the single market, we know that the ‘Great Repeal Bill’ will be introduced to end the supremacy of EU courts and finally Continue reading “Hard Brexit”

UK: State-Sponsored Recession?

oil refineries

As the UK was preparing to decide on whether or not to leave the European Union, the powers that be – the government, the International Monetary Fund, the ECB, the BofE and so on – were threatening economic disaster. We were threatened with recession if we voted to leave the EU, as supposedly our trade with Europe would fall and the rest of the world would turn their backs on us. This never materialised of course – we voted to leave and now nations all around the world are queuing up to trade with us, from Brazil to New Zealand to America, they all want a deal with Britain. Continue reading “UK: State-Sponsored Recession?”

UK: Demographic Time Bomb

student protest

As the dust settles on the result of this week’s EU referendum, we are already beginning to see the usual bitterness from the losing side. There have been calls for a 2nd referendum because the 72% turnout was supposedly too low, along with calls to allow children as young as 14 to vote in referendums, and most drastically there have been those who suggest that older people’s votes ‘shouldn’t count’. Continue reading “UK: Demographic Time Bomb”

Triumph Of The Anti-Will


If the debate on Britain’s membership of the European Union has done one thing, it is that the truth about how bad the latter really is as an institution is now well and truly in the public domain. The British have always been sceptical of such institutions, but for too long the peoples of the continent have been led towards a predetermined destination without ever being asked for their consent, or even their opinion. But now, the truth is really out.

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