Totalitarian Liberalism


2016 has been a great year politically, especially for those of us on the winning side of the major decisions that have been taken in the Western World. It has been the year where finally, right-wing populism (when defined simply as the popular will) has triumphed against the established order and millions of people have finally had their voices heard. In Great Britain, we’ve seen the people vote decisively to leave the European Union which was a vote against mass migration, against the assault on our Continue reading “Totalitarian Liberalism”


#FreeSyria (From The Globalists!)


Syria is under siege. Not by ISIS, not by rebels, but by the globalists. These are the powers that be in, primarily the United States of America, but also their puppet followers in our western governments. Syria is a fascinating case study to use when analysing the globalist agenda, primarily because it is more transparent than previous interventions in the Middle-East like Iraq, where the pretence of a ‘war on terror’ was generally accepted as A) the truth, and B) a force for good. This time its different, the information highlighting the true nature of western involvement in the region is there for all to see and, whilst many still believe we are fighting a just crusade against Islamic extremism, others are beginning to realise all is not as it seems. Continue reading “#FreeSyria (From The Globalists!)”