Totalitarian Liberalism


2016 has been a great year politically, especially for those of us on the winning side of the major decisions that have been taken in the Western World. It has been the year where finally, right-wing populism (when defined simply as the popular will) has triumphed against the established order and millions of people have finally had their voices heard. In Great Britain, we’ve seen the people vote decisively to leave the European Union which was a vote against mass migration, against the assault on our Continue reading “Totalitarian Liberalism”




Today we live in a Europe that has forgotten its identity. The elites of the baby boomer generation decided that heritage and tradition no longer mattered, that tried and tested means of cultural survival and prosperity were outdated, and that European nations did not belong to us any longer. They have attempted to dismantle all that is primordial about our great lands, including our ties to our ethnic identity. Through mass immigration, multi-ethnic societies have been forged where we are told that one’s roots no longer matter and that we are all one human race, able to coexist without problem.
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Authoritarianism & Gun Control

Russland, Soldaten in Stellung

Gun control is an atypical topic in terms of political debate, in that it is not something that really ever gets discussed outside of the United States of America. This is because the majority of western European nations have maintained strict gun control laws for many decades and often new weapons have not been made available for civilian use at all. However, that does not prevent a hypothetical debate in relation to guns and European politics, particularly when discussing gun control in an ideological context. Continue reading “Authoritarianism & Gun Control”

Individual Freedom Vs National Good

burkini ban

In the last week or so, a debate over individual freedoms has ignited in western Europe as a result of some French regions’ decision to ban an item of beach clothing known as a burkini (a swimwear version of the burka). This is a hot topic for the French in particular, considering the amount of Islamic terrorism they have had to endure over the last 2 years, but everybody across Europe seems to have an opinion on this – from so-called ‘anti-racism’ groups to libertarian activists. Continue reading “Individual Freedom Vs National Good”

Christianity vs Moral Decay

english church

Cultural Marxist theory dictates that to create the conditions for class warfare and world communism, three pillars of culture must be dismantled: The family, the nation state and the church. The simple reason for this is that family, nationalism and religion transcend typical class lines, particularly in modern times, meaning that ordinary people have a greater loyalty to their family, compatriots and church congregation/God than to their fellow working class folk. Marxists can’t handle the truth that class warfare simply doesn’t Continue reading “Christianity vs Moral Decay”

Class Warfare vs National Community

volkisch landscape

Overarching the political spectrum are two doctrines that in a way supersede the detail of party politics, these are class warfare and the national community. Class warfare is a Marxist doctrine that seeks to divide the society of a nation into two groups, the exploited and the exploiters. National community on the other hand seeks to unite the society of a nation behind a common vision for said nation/society, regardless of class or wealth. Having said this, the philosophy of national community does have a sense of “us and them”, but this is along ethnic/cultural lines which is a natural instinct, as opposed to the size of one’s bank balance. Continue reading “Class Warfare vs National Community”