Trump: The White Revolution


The 2016 US Election, along with various other political events around the world this year, confirmed to us two things. Firstly, the mainstream media is dead. If everybody took their news at face value from the BBC’s and the CNN’s of this world, there is no way Donald Trump could have won the election. The print media, especially in the US, is equally dead, as their slander and untruths against populist politics has been exposed, along with their “fraudulent journalists”.

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The Britannic Race & Its Predicament


Race and ethnicity – a subject which few feel comfortable discussing and even fewer actually speak about, yet a relevant topic nonetheless, that we must speak about if we are to survive as a people and a nation. Because the truth is – and you will already know – that humans are not all the same, we have great diversity amongst the human species with significant genetic differences that shape the communities and nations in which we live. For example, it is no coincidence that for centuries, Great Britain has been the greatest nation on earth, shown through our international exploits and our advanced level of society at home. Similarly, it is no coincidence that the German tribes of central Europe grew to become a German empire of such might in the 19th and early 20th centuries. A nation is only as good as the sum of its parts – the people being the only parts that matter! Continue reading “The Britannic Race & Its Predicament”

Racialist Olympics!

100m final

“The stage is set – the Olympics, Rio de Janerio 2016. The perfect location, a melting pot of racial groups in South America, a former colony free from the shackles of racism. This is truly an event where everybody can be free from discrimination, regardless of colour. After all, colour has no bearing on sporting success! It’s just human beings in a competition!” Continue reading “Racialist Olympics!”

Russian Racial Insecurity?

RUssian thugs

It is often said that bullies do what they do out of anger at their own personal insecurities, and in some instances this is very true. In the instance of the recent football hooliganism at Euro 2016, it is definitely true.
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