The wave of suicides in the Reich at the end of WWII

In the USSR, Britain chose an ally of savages led by Bolshevik megalomaniacs. The Red Army committed countless war crimes against Germany and the German people, yet not a single one of the perpetrators have been brought to justice to this day.

"Neues Europa"

Excerpts from the book “Suicide in Nazi Germany” by Christian Goeschel

On 30 April 1945, when the military situation had become totally hopeless and Soviet troops were progressing towards the Reich Chancellery, Hitler killed himself together with Eva Braun, whom he had married a few hours earlier in his bunker. Other top National-Socialists were hardly surprised when they heard about Hitler’s suicide. Göring declared during an interrogation in October 1945: ‘We always knew that the Führer would kill himself if things were coming to an end. We always knew that. There is not the least doubt about it.’ Many National-Socialists committed suicide in 1945. Along with Hitler, top National-Socialists like Joseph Goebbels and Heinrich Himmler all committed suicide. Bernhard Rust, Reich Minister of Education, killed himself on 8 May 1945. Himmler committed suicide in Allied captivity (that’s not true – he was killed by the British Secret Service

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WWII: A Balanced View – Part 1


The second world war, perhaps the most written about event in history, is so important because it defines much of what we see in the world today in terms of discourse on political matters. The problem of course is that we have always had a very imbalanced education on the war, with mainstream historians afraid to tackle some of the pertinent questions that should intrigue them, but instead it repels them. It is, perhaps for some, tasteless to ask questions such as “why do we say 20 million Russians died on the eastern front, when Stalin himself claimed 5 million at the Potsdam conference?”, or “why did it take the Polish authorities so long to admit that the gas chamber at the Auschwitz museum was in fact built in 1949?” – of course, many reading even this now will begin to feel uneasy at what is to follow, but fear not, Continue reading “WWII: A Balanced View – Part 1”



Today we live in a Europe that has forgotten its identity. The elites of the baby boomer generation decided that heritage and tradition no longer mattered, that tried and tested means of cultural survival and prosperity were outdated, and that European nations did not belong to us any longer. They have attempted to dismantle all that is primordial about our great lands, including our ties to our ethnic identity. Through mass immigration, multi-ethnic societies have been forged where we are told that one’s roots no longer matter and that we are all one human race, able to coexist without problem.
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Gottfried Feder: Breaking Interest Slavery

Gottfried feder

Let us talk about economics. Yes, economics, the most despised of all political topics due to the supposed complexity of it and the relatively little understanding of it by the majority of people. When western governments want to con the people, they throw around numbers and GDP growth figures and interest rates, and the people lose interest so quickly that the initial arguing point is forgotten.

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