State-Sponsored Assassination?

Jo Cox

On 16th June, Jo Cox Labour MP for Batley and Spen, was tragically murdered. She was shot, stabbed, and kicked in a savage attack perpetrated by far-right thug 52 year old Thomas Mair. Jo Cox was a passionate supporter of righteous causes such as the Syrian civil war crisis and starving third-world children, and was a also a passionate supporter of the European Union. Her killer, Mr Mair, shouted ‘Britain First’ whilst attacking her, which is a popular far-right slogan in the UK. It has been discovered Continue reading “State-Sponsored Assassination?”


Russian Racial Insecurity?

RUssian thugs

It is often said that bullies do what they do out of anger at their own personal insecurities, and in some instances this is very true. In the instance of the recent football hooliganism at Euro 2016, it is definitely true.
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Gottfried Feder: Breaking Interest Slavery

Gottfried feder

Let us talk about economics. Yes, economics, the most despised of all political topics due to the supposed complexity of it and the relatively little understanding of it by the majority of people. When western governments want to con the people, they throw around numbers and GDP growth figures and interest rates, and the people lose interest so quickly that the initial arguing point is forgotten.

But the truth is, Continue reading “Gottfried Feder: Breaking Interest Slavery”

Primordialism: Nationhood and Identity

aryan statue

In the modern world, we are currently experiencing the phenomenon of supranationalism. Supranationalism is the promotion of multinational political union and perhaps the best example of this is the European Union, which is an attempt to pull together the nations of Europe into a sort of pseudo-superstate by integrating them economically and socially. Continue reading “Primordialism: Nationhood and Identity”

EU Referendum: FACTS!

brexit 1

So far, the debate on Great Britain’s membership of the European Union has been filled with hyperbole and pseudo-facts, and often outright lies (predominantly from the remain side). As with any major political debate, there are precious few actual facts as each side of the campaign will use the reports, studies and polls that support their own argument. In many cases, particularly on the remain side, reports and studies are being published with findings masquerading as facts, but there are so many variables especially with the economic case, that make any conclusions almost baseless. Continue reading “EU Referendum: FACTS!”