In the modern world, we are currently experiencing the phenomenon of supranationalism. Supranationalism is the promotion of multinational political union and perhaps the best example of this is the European Union, which is an attempt to pull together the nations of Europe into a sort of pseudo-superstate by integrating them economically and socially.

The polar opposite to supranationalism is nationalism, but an almost unanimous belief amongst nationalists is something known as primordialism, a relatively unknown term that is basically the belief that nation states are an ancient natural phenomenon as opposed to a social construct. It is this belief that drives the opposition to big superstrates such as the EU, and is in fact a widespread belief system around the European countries and Euro-descendant world.

To better understand this it is important to acknowledge firstly that humans are not all the same, and secondly what we are talking about as defining features of a nation state. The first point is crucial, as the latter depend on it. The notion that humans are all the same is a relatively new concept that is promoted by the education system, the media, academia in general and most mainstream politicians, but it is quite clearly a falsehood. No scientific study is required to establish this, just look at the evidence around you. When we look at all the great inventions of humanity such as electricity, the telephone, the aeroplane and so on, as well as all the major discoveries, they all have a common factor: the people behind these achievements are almost all European in origin, predominantly German or English. Similarily, if we look at modern day sports, we see that black men of African origin dominate sprint races at the Olympics. This is not to say that humans are not of equal value, but it is to say that there are clear biological differences based on ethnic origin.

Now, this is important when we define what makes a nation. Quite simply, a nation is made by a group of people who have a common cultural, linguistic and ethnic background. This is where our first point on ethnic differences comes in, as it explains why Germanic peoples speak Germanic languages and have fair hair, skin and eyes, and why the Japanese speak Japanese and have a totally different alphabet, are generally smaller in stature but higher in IQ scores than most other ethnic groups. It explains why the Germans celebrate Oktoberfest with beer and sausages, and Indians celebrate the festival of light with fireworks and so on.

These ethnic groups that make up a nation are the way they are thanks to thousands of years of separate development in different environments from one another and by rarely mixing with other groups. This is not man-made or some sort of social construct, it is a natural reality of the world.

So this is where the primordialist belief system comes into play. As has been explained, primordialism is the counter to supranationalism, the latter being what we are experiencing in today’s world. Both concepts cannot be right – only one can be advanced at any one time. Today we see a battle between the state coercing the people into supranational union, and the people longing for the days of independent nation states. As is usually always the way, the people are correct.

Supranationalism is not natural in the slightest, and this is why it is destined to fail against the more natural ideology of primordialism.

In reality, the attempt to force together different ethnic and cultural groups into a single man-made supranational identity, is nothing new. Even in the last century we have examples of this such as Yugoslavia or the USSR. Further back in time we can look at the Roman Empire as a good case study. The point is that whilst some of these monstrosities have lasted for many years, they have all ultimately crumbled and failed whilst nation states have stood the test of time. More often than not, these multinational unions descend into war and we have seen this as recently as the 1990s, when Yugoslavia broke apart and the fighting there killed more than 150,000 people. This should have been a warning to Europe to think again about their beloved project, but alas, they never learn.

Nations and territory have existed for as long as humans have had the ability to travel and grasp the concept of borders. Some nations have existed in one form or another for more than a millennia, and before that the tribes that make them up today had their own territory for many thousands of years. This is not something that can be changed at the whim of a misguided political elite, whether we like it or not. Any attempt to forge supranational union or create artificial nations always ends in failure, and more often than not, armed conflict.

So, as you can see, even without going into massive amounts of scientific detail, we can see that a primordial approach to nationhood is natural based on the evidence of history, which is invariably the best indicator of the future. Do not be fooled by the globalist elite who tell you that the future is supranational blocs. Instead, believe in and promote the value of your homeland, and never allow them to take your identity away from you.