High Court Ruling: Counter-Insurgency


In an interview last week (published in that toxic new ‘newspaper’, “the New European”), Tony Blair claimed that the ‘48%’ were ‘now the insurgents’. Since the referendum that pathetic slogan “we are the 48” has become the tagline for those weak, victim-complex ridden individuals who simply cannot accept that Great Britain is leaving the European Union. It is developing the same notoriety Continue reading “High Court Ruling: Counter-Insurgency”


Hard Brexit


In the last week and to the dismay of the crying liberal commentators, the British government have added more meat to the proverbial bones of ‘Brexit’. Some questions have been answered and if we take the Prime Minister at her word, we know now that immigration controls will be prioritised over Britain’s membership of the single market, we know that the ‘Great Repeal Bill’ will be introduced to end the supremacy of EU courts and finally Continue reading “Hard Brexit”

England’s Housing Crisis


This week is the Conservative Party conference and one of the main topics discussed by delegates and the media alike, is the housing crisis currently affecting the United Kingdom – in reality, it is only England that is suffering from this issue at present. The Tories, of course, are quick to blame the Labour Party for their housing policy between 1997-2010, however the former are not doing much to tackle the problem themselves. It seems that the answer to this problem is always the same, regardless of whether you’re a conservative or a socialist or a Green Party affiliate – they all want to build more houses! They talk about targets for building new homes, that we should aim to build 150,000 or 200,000 or 300,000 new houses per year to deal with the issues we face. In fact, earlier this year the Tories relaxed laws surrounding Green Belt land, enabling more houses to be built over our beautiful English countryside. Continue reading “England’s Housing Crisis”

Diversity Is Antithetical To Peace


Today is ‘international peace day’, apparently. One would not guess that peace figures too highly on the priorities of western elites, considering their readiness to ferment sectarian violence in the Middle-East, which may go some way to explaining their actions regarding Europe’s diversity experiment. We are told that diversity is our greatest strength, that through diversity we will achieve a higher level of virtue – the European Union’s own motto is ‘United in Diversity’, after all. But the truth of the matter is this: history has shown us time and time again that diversity – when taken to mean multiple ethnic living in one place – is the greatest weakness of any civilisation. This will inevitably be proven to be true once more in Europe, where the relative peace of the last 70 years will fast become a distant memory. Continue reading “Diversity Is Antithetical To Peace”

The Britannic Race & Its Predicament


Race and ethnicity – a subject which few feel comfortable discussing and even fewer actually speak about, yet a relevant topic nonetheless, that we must speak about if we are to survive as a people and a nation. Because the truth is – and you will already know – that humans are not all the same, we have great diversity amongst the human species with significant genetic differences that shape the communities and nations in which we live. For example, it is no coincidence that for centuries, Great Britain has been the greatest nation on earth, shown through our international exploits and our advanced level of society at home. Similarly, it is no coincidence that the German tribes of central Europe grew to become a German empire of such might in the 19th and early 20th centuries. A nation is only as good as the sum of its parts – the people being the only parts that matter! Continue reading “The Britannic Race & Its Predicament”

English Republic

battle-of-worcesyer(Image: Depiction of the Battle of Worcester, 1651, where Cromwell’s republican army finally defeated the last royalist resistance).

Ever since the unification of England in AD 927 under King Æthelstan, our nation has been ruled by a hereditary monarchy. During the times of our Anglo-Saxon ancestors, this was generally a positive thing as the rulers of the Heptarchy (7 Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of England) were elders appointed by consensus as opposed to divine right. However, since the Norman invasion of 1066, our land has been ruled by foreign monarchs of one dynasty or another, without so much as a popular vote on the matter in a millennia. Of course, there was the period of 1649-59 where England was a republic in the immediate aftermath of the civil war, but again a foreign monarch took power to continue the injustice. Continue reading “English Republic”

UK: State-Sponsored Recession?

oil refineries

As the UK was preparing to decide on whether or not to leave the European Union, the powers that be – the government, the International Monetary Fund, the ECB, the BofE and so on – were threatening economic disaster. We were threatened with recession if we voted to leave the EU, as supposedly our trade with Europe would fall and the rest of the world would turn their backs on us. This never materialised of course – we voted to leave and now nations all around the world are queuing up to trade with us, from Brazil to New Zealand to America, they all want a deal with Britain. Continue reading “UK: State-Sponsored Recession?”