Democracy: Do We Care?


All throughout the EU referendum campaign in Britain and, ever since the vote itself, one word has been thrown up constantly: Democracy. It was invoked ferociously by leave campaigners, who argued (rightly) that the EU is the antithesis of democracy and that our democratically elected parliament should be sovereign. Now that particular debate is over, the whinging liberals and globalists are now arguing that parliament should be able to approve or reject the government’s terms for leaving the EU as ‘that would be the democratic thing to do’.

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Hard Brexit


In the last week and to the dismay of the crying liberal commentators, the British government have added more meat to the proverbial bones of ‘Brexit’. Some questions have been answered and if we take the Prime Minister at her word, we know now that immigration controls will be prioritised over Britain’s membership of the single market, we know that the ‘Great Repeal Bill’ will be introduced to end the supremacy of EU courts and finally Continue reading “Hard Brexit”

Origins of the Downfall of Europe

VE day 2

Today, the nations of Europe face many problems. The European Union is out of control in their pursuit of continental domination and are leading the nations, with Frau Merkel at the helm, towards an EU superstate that will inevitably be the death of the nation state as we know it. Every decision the EU takes leads the continent further down the rabbit hole of doom, whether it be their economic policies that take the nations further into debt, or the social engineering policies of open borders and cultural Marxist doctrine. Continue reading “Origins of the Downfall of Europe”

Norbert Hofer: Bundespräsident?


On 22nd April 2016, the Austrian Freedom Party’s (FPÖ) Norbert Hofer lost out in the presidential election by 30,000 votes. His challenger, Alexander van der Bellen, was presented as an independent with affiliation to the Green Party, but in reality he was a ‘stop Hofer’ challenger, supported by the globalist agenda against a man who genuinely has Austria’s interests at heart. Continue reading “Norbert Hofer: Bundespräsident?”

Gottfried Feder: Breaking Interest Slavery

Gottfried feder

Let us talk about economics. Yes, economics, the most despised of all political topics due to the supposed complexity of it and the relatively little understanding of it by the majority of people. When western governments want to con the people, they throw around numbers and GDP growth figures and interest rates, and the people lose interest so quickly that the initial arguing point is forgotten.

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Primordialism: Nationhood and Identity

aryan statue

In the modern world, we are currently experiencing the phenomenon of supranationalism. Supranationalism is the promotion of multinational political union and perhaps the best example of this is the European Union, which is an attempt to pull together the nations of Europe into a sort of pseudo-superstate by integrating them economically and socially. Continue reading “Primordialism: Nationhood and Identity”