A Tangible Negative of Migration


When we talk about immigration to European nations, the loudest voices will always come from those who are in favour, those who claim that immigration is a positive, that it is ‘enriching’ or that ‘diversity is our strength’, amongst other sickening clichés. They claim to be able to prove this by economic means, producing these long reports that supposedly show that immigrants are a ‘net economic benefit’ to our societies. These reports do indeed show this on the surface, but they are based on false data. The data that goes in at the beginning assumes that Continue reading “A Tangible Negative of Migration”


Ethno-Nationalism: Where The Problem Lies


Aside from leftist state repression, nationalism has always had one big thorn in its collective proverbial side: unity.

People often refer to ‘strength through unity’ as a fascist or nationalist slogan, but the truth of the matter is that there has been very little in the way of united nationalist movements in any European nation since the 1930s. All nationalist movements have ultimately failed as a result of Continue reading “Ethno-Nationalism: Where The Problem Lies”