Trump: The White Revolution


The 2016 US Election, along with various other political events around the world this year, confirmed to us two things. Firstly, the mainstream media is dead. If everybody took their news at face value from the BBC’s and the CNN’s of this world, there is no way Donald Trump could have won the election. The print media, especially in the US, is equally dead, as their slander and untruths against populist politics has been exposed, along with their “fraudulent journalists”.

Secondly and, more importantly, we have seen Continue reading “Trump: The White Revolution”


Totalitarian Liberalism


2016 has been a great year politically, especially for those of us on the winning side of the major decisions that have been taken in the Western World. It has been the year where finally, right-wing populism (when defined simply as the popular will) has triumphed against the established order and millions of people have finally had their voices heard. In Great Britain, we’ve seen the people vote decisively to leave the European Union which was a vote against mass migration, against the assault on our Continue reading “Totalitarian Liberalism”

Black Lives Matter UK


This morning (06/09/2016) the UK edition of hate group “Black Lives Matter” made the headlines with a small-scale protest at London City Airport. It was reported that a group of 9 activists made their way onto the runway at about 5 am, erected a tripod then chained themselves together. Thanks to this ridiculous charade, flights had to be cancelled or diverted causing massive inconvenience, whilst also highlighting the lack of effective security at the airport to deter intrusions. Police reported that 9 protesters were arrested at the scene after a short stand off in which protesters initially refused to be moved. Black Lives Matter UK claimed responsibility for the protest, later releasing a statement on the matter: Continue reading “Black Lives Matter UK”